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An Open Letter to My Grandson on His First Birthday

My grandson, Jackson Edward Wagner, and me pose outdoors with clad our camouflage shirts. Photo by Polly Wagner.

Well, my grandson, Jackson Edward Wagner, turned one year old on Monday, November 28, 2016. I have written him a letter. It is my hope that someday he will read this letter and understand why he is so treasured by me and the value of the sage advice his wise, old grandfather has offered him. November 30, 2016 My Dearest Jackson, It’s been a year since I held you in my arms at the hospital and had that extraordinary feeling …

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Deer Season Isn’t Over


Your deer season in Nebraska doesn’t have to end on the 3rd Sunday in November.  There is so much more time left to get out and fill the freezer and maybe even continue the pursuit of the buck you’ve been dreaming about. Permits for the December Muzzleloader Season are unlimited.  There are several units that have Seasons Choice Antlerless Only permits available, too – which is good news for those that have already bought their two “buck permits”.  Additionally, those …

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Late Firearm Season Tactics


So you enjoyed the opening weekend but did not harvest a deer yet.  No need to panic as some of the best hunting is still to come over the next few days.   A lot of deer will be harvested in the final weekend of the firearm deer season and there are many tactics that are at play now that can enhance your chances of filling a tag. Weather – this weekend will usher in a cold front like we have not …

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Not Enough November


This time of year just doesn’t last as long as it should.  There is simply not enough November to take part in all the things that happen during these short 30 days. Nebraska is a special place to watch November unfold and to become an active participant in its events.  Nebraska and November were made for each other like chili and cinnamon rolls. As such they even share the same number of letters. November slides in nonchalantly like it normally …

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Creating and Maintaining a Tradition of Hunting


Only those who have walked into the silent woods together in the predawn hours and waited motionless for white-tailed deer amid the woods in a stand or blind as the different hues of daylight unfolded truly understand. Only those who have watched a canine companion intently work with a grassy field for upland game birds with family members and friends truly understand. Traditions. They are a major part of us and our values. They help to shape who we are. And, …

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Admire, Respect, Value Harvested Deer with a Quality Photo


Your adrenaline is still pumping.  You are a deer hunter, and you have just harvested a very nice white-tailed buck, or perhaps a gorgeous doe. Now, you have the opportunity to capture the moment for all of your friends, family and others to see. With due diligence, you can ensure the special moment is preserved in a quality harvest photo! Many of you will soon be highlighting the harvest of a big game hunter you know in Nebraska with their …

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Go Bonkers for Bobwhites!

An upland game bird hunter in Nebraska  attempts to down a flushed northern bobwhite quail. Photo courtesy of Mark Davis.

The dog is crouched low, back straight, one foreleg slightly bent and eyes locked forward. The dog’s owner steadies him with quiet words. The handful of hunters, clad in blaze orange caps and vests and walking with shotguns in hand, see the dog go on point. They slowly and carefully approach. They position themselves just behind and appropriately spaced on either side of the motionless pointing dog preparing for the group of small, fist-sized game birds to erupt from the …

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Bird Season Brings Reminder for Safety

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For most upland game bird hunters, taking to the field provides a lot more than just the act of shooting at birds.  It’s a great opportunity for exercise, stress relief, camaraderie and simply enjoying this time of year.  Nebraska Game and Parks encourages all those going afield to remember the basic safety rules of hunting, such as always keeping your gun pointed in a safe direction, treating every firearm as if it’s loaded, keeping your finger off of the trigger …

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Public encouraged to report whooping crane sightings


LINCOLN – The entire population of whooping cranes in the Central Flyway is expected to migrate through Nebraska over the next several weeks. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission encourages the public to report whooping crane sightings. Information on crane sightings is used to positively affect whooping crane conservation and recovery efforts. Report any sightings to Game and Parks (402-471-0641), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (308-379-5562), or The Crane Trust’s Whooper Watch hotline (1-888-399-2824). Emails may be submitted to joel.jorgensen@nebraska.gov. …

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Hardin selected as Commission’s wildlife division administrator


LINCOLN – Alicia Hardin has been selected as the wildlife division administrator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The wildlife division administrator oversees the Commission’s hunting and wildlife conservation programs. “Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge to the position,” Commission Director Jim Douglas said. “Over the years she has worked directly with many programs and initiatives, and she will bring valuable first-hand experience and insight to this role.” Hardin, a 16-year veteran of the Commission, has been an assistant …

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