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Wind Games

As I readied myself for the evening deer hunt the strong west winds kept hitting me with the dried-up corn leaves left behind by the combine that had passed through the field 4 days earlier.  Perfect for the Alli Way stand.  I found relief from the wind, and the dust it was kicking up, once I dropped down beside a tall north-south bluff on my walk in.  The day was warm but I made my elevated perch and hadn’t worked …

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The Art of Tim Reigert: Drawing “Olympics”

Looking back to the October 2011 issue of NEBRASKAland Magazine, there was a Page 49 department by Nebraska author and humorist Roger Welsch on the proposed “Olympics” of his home town of Dannebrog. Like many Page 49s, this gave me the opportunity to do artwork to accompany the piece. Here is how I went about the process of illustrating this piece: First, I read his essay and highlighted any descriptions that seemed visual and exciting. I knew about how much room …

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Hire My Deer Processor

A few years ago while looking for a deer processor, I was referred to Todd Hanson in eastern Nebraska by some folks at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. I called Todd and asked him one very important question: “Do you guarantee that I will get my deer back if I send it to you?” “Absolutely,” he replied, and we have had a wonderful relationship since. I mostly have him grind my shoulders and hind quarters, but he also has …

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The Art of Tim Reigert: Drawing “Boo”

Last month’s NEBRASKAland Magazine featured editor Jeff Kurrus’s Page 49 essay on the timely Halloween frights reminiscent of his past in “Please Don’t say ‘Boo.’” Like many Page 49s, this gave me the opportunity to do artwork to accompany the piece. Here I will describe my procedure as to how I go about this process of illustrating this particular Page 49. First, I read his essay and asked questions (like if I did not understand any particular reference). Then, in this …

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Early Season Tom Taking Tips

I thought this season would never arrive.  Just ask my wife…I am sure she is sick of me talking about turkeys already.  I played with may calls, shot my bow, played with my decoys…heck I’ve even been dreaming about turkeys but alas….we are in the thick of it!  Here are some early season tips that may just help you bag that tom before most of your buddies have even dusted off their decoys.  Don’t forget…the youth shotgun season starts this …

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A Big Bass Quest

A little over a year ago a fishing buddy of mine began asking some questions about which public body of water in Nebraska would give him the best chance to catch the biggest largemouth bass of his life.  Knowing where he lived, I instantly had an answer for him. I teased you with this last Friday, and I realize by now some of you have already seen this, but for those of you who have not, you are going to …

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