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Growing Up Jenny Newman

Earlier this fall my daughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday.  Yes, I realize that is a big one.  No, she does not have her driver’s license yet.  We are still working on that, there is no hurry.  No, we did not throw some outlandish, too-expensive birthday bash. We went fishing. Yes, we go fishing for all kinds of reasons, do not even need a special occasion, but this trip was on purpose and there was a special reason.  We went over …

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Update from the Water War Front

I have stated before that THE issue of this century for western states including Nebraska will be water–who gets to use it, and how much is left for fish & wildlife and outdoor recreation.  Once again let me post a little reminder that ran on the news last week, Farmers Voice Concerns at Water Limit Hearing in York.  Take a minute and watch the video, read through the article. Now if you took the time to read and listen, let …

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Got Another One!

Just a couple of weeks ago I told you about successfully completing my quest to catch a tagged flathead catfish from Branched Oak Reservoir (Finally Got One!).  Well, as the fall has progressed and waters have cooled, I have shifted my focus from warm-water species like flathead catfish to species that will continue to be more active, and easier to catch, in cooler water.  I have made several trips up to Lake Wanahoo the past few weeks and have consistently …

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Robinson Report: Fall Fishing

Water temperatures are dropping and the fish are trying to pack on all the pounds they can to make it through another Nebraska winter. As you might imagine, this is benefiting area fishermen. In the Tri-County canal system, the crappies are gathering in areas with numerous types of cover with quick access to deep water. Trees are good, but I’ve found that rocky areas and boat docks are more productive. Once you find what depth the crappies are holding in, …

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Robinson Reports: Lake Walleyes

Fall is definitely here. The leaves have begun to show their colors, a chill is in the air, and the water temps are dropping every day, varying between the low 60s and high 50s. The excess water from Colorado has made areas such as Johnson Lake and the corresponding canal system dirty and dark. Though it has cleared up a bit in the past two weeks, it’s still dirtier than what we’re used to. I spent one day at Lake …

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A Big Bass Quest

A little over a year ago a fishing buddy of mine began asking some questions about which public body of water in Nebraska would give him the best chance to catch the biggest largemouth bass of his life.  Knowing where he lived, I instantly had an answer for him. I teased you with this last Friday, and I realize by now some of you have already seen this, but for those of you who have not, you are going to …

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