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6 Things Grandson Can Learn From Grandpa


This past Thanksgiving weekend was a very special one for me and my family. On Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 12:31 p.m., we welcomed into the world a healthy 8 lbs. 1 oz. Jackson Edward Wagner, my first grandchild, woo-hoo! Let me tell you that the immediate relationship or bond between a grandchild and grandparent is a such a special one, it is indescribable! In my view, grandparents act as authority figures and provide unconditional love. They also get to spoil their grandchildren …

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There are literally millions of things to be thankful for during Thanksgiving week in this great nation of ours. In Nebraska’s nature scene, there are also millions of wonderful things of which to be thankful, large and small. During the nine days of the recent firearm deer hunting season here in Cornhusker State, I picked at least one thing each day to focus on and be extremely grateful for while I was in the field. As you look and read through these, I want you to …

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Leftover (Wild) Turkey? Try this Soup Recipe!


Like its domestic counterpart, the wild turkey is a bird that keeps on giving after your Thanksgiving holiday feast and even after everyone has enjoyed having a turkey sandwich or two. So, when your looking at what’s left of the great game bird’s carcass, it offers the final, arguably – the most delicious dish – (wild) turkey soup! And, WOW! Have I got a (wild) turkey soup recipe for you to try! The scrumptious recipe below was given to me …

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Deer Hunting Summed Up in Unique Way

Noah Wagner with his white-tailed deer buck he harvested during the 2015 Nebraska firearm deer hunting season.

I am currently in the field enjoying spending quality time with family and friends during Nebraska’s 2015 firearm deer hunting season (despite some of our ever-changing Nebraska weather conditions, HA!). We are seeing improved numbers of white-tailed deer on our farm and the adjacent farms that we hunt in southeastern Nebraska and had success on the opening weekend. My 18 year-old son Noah, a high school senior, who has enjoyed playing football at Omaha’s Creighton Prep High School, sums up his firearm deer hunting experience in …

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Need a Good Venison Burger Recipe?


Need a good venison burger recipe for a Nebraska deer that you have harvested or will harvest during one of our seasons? Here is a must-try, very healthy, tasty recipe for those of you who have or will have some wonderful, lean ground deer meat available fresh, or in the frig or freezer. The recipe is actually a healthy twist on an older recipe in my file. Even non-hunters and non-wild game meat eaters visiting the Wagner abode have greatly enjoyed this recipe! It …

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Veterans Day Has Special Meaning

Spec. Tyler Nichols is pictured third from left to right preparing for a "jump" with fellow 82nd Paratroopers.

U. S. Armed Forces Veterans are all around us. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to each and every one of them who have served and are currently serving to protect our freedoms, especially with Veterans Day, November 11th upon us this week. For me, Veterans Day takes on special meaning. It hits close to home and in the Nebraska outdoor scene. Me, my wife and family are very proud of my son-in-law, Specialist Tyler Nichols of Omaha, NE, who is presently serving with …

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Waterfalls Blog Turns into UNO Project


When you blog, sometimes the strangest things happen. I still find it hard to believe that a blog I did about Nebraska waterfalls a while back actually became a college class project for a graduate student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha! But, I learned last night that such was the case. Lacey Matney, a grad student in the Master of Science/Urban Studies program at UNO, dropped me an email message indicating that she had turned my blog post on waterfalls into …

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Get Out and Scout for Firearm Deer Season


Nebraska’s most popular hunting season – the firearm deer season – is right around the bend. Opening day for it is November 14th. Are you participating in it? Awesome! I am, as well! Hey, let me ask you some questions. Have you purchased your firearm deer hunting permit and habitat stamp? Have you brushed up on your deer hunting regulations? Have you firmed up permission with your farmer or rancher friends to hunt their private land? Have you sighted in your centerfire deer hunting rifle already? Have …

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Hunters: Do You Know the Pheasant’s Itinerary?


Ring-necked pheasants are really a lot like us humans. They live their lives on a fairly predictable, routine basis. When a pheasant hunter learns to understand that schedule and interrupt the pattern, he or she will be on the path to having increased opportunities for success. Pheasants begin their day waking at roost sites, usually in areas of short to intermediate height grass or weeds where they have spent the night. At first light, they head for roadsides or other areas …

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Hunting “Pheas” (Fez) in Huskerville


You’re walking in chest-high grass along the edge of a harvested cornfield when suddenly the hunting dog freezes and then leans toward a patch of thicker grass and bramble. You approach it with stealth. A flash of color suddenly rises out of the grass. Everyone yells: “Rooster!” It’s a rooster ring-necked pheasant. You know that you have a scenario for a safe shot. You raise your shotgun reminding yourself to aim slightly beyond the target and follow through with the shot.” You squeeze the trigger. The shot rings out. “Boom!” The rooster goes down. The dog retrieves the …

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