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Barbs and Backlashes

Mouth Closed, Tail Pinched


I see and hear a lot of comments about measuring fish.  Just want to say this is the most correct way: Now, you can measure your fish any way you want.  Make up any story you want.  We all do!  However, keep in mind, when length limits are involved, for legal purposes, there is a right way and you need to know it.  Pointy-headed fish biologists call it “total length”. Will also say that “bump boards” work best.  Make sure …

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“Dive! Dive! Dive!”


Wherever anglers gather, whenever one catches more fish than others, everyone wants to know what bait?  The next question is what color? The color question should be the last thing considered.  There are many other presentation factors that are much more important.  The first of those, especially when using crankbaits, is depth.  How deep does a particular lure run? I have blogged about this topic before.  If you want to dive into (sorry, I couldn’t resist) some details, take a …

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Fish Identification


Nebraska is home to about 100 species of fish.  It is a place of variety.  Somewhere in the state you can find everything from coldwater species like trout to warmwater species like catfish and black bass.  Also included are a lot in between. Anglers may encounter around 4o of those species.  Some fish identification skills are required as harvest limits vary between species. Like most things, nothing beats time on the water.  The more fish an angler handles and more …

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What is on Your Playlist?


From time to time, just for the fun of it, on Fridays, I have posted a song or two.  Most of the time those songs have something to do with fishing or hunting or the outdoors. Recently, I stumbled onto an article about that very topic–a fishing song playlist.  Take a look.  You probably already have a bunch of these on your playlist, but you might discover a new one or two! Top Fishing Songs for Your Playlist I imagine …

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Courting Bluegills

Bluegills are one of the most widespread and common fish in Nebraska. They are also one of the most interesting. This time of year most anglers know it is not hard to find colonies of spawning bluegills.  A patient person can catch some of those fish.  Patience is required because the males guarding the nest are much more interested in guarding and herding a willing female onto the nest than they are in biting.  Nonetheless, if you can hover a …

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SRA Fishing and Fishing Access Improvements


Want to highlight some recent projects in progress or completed on a couple State Recreation Areas.  You can read the entire press release about a number of SRAs and recent projects, but here I just want to highlight those that will improve fishing and fishing access: Two Rivers State Recreation Area A new ADA-accessible fishing pier opened this spring thanks to a $224,000 public-private partnership matching memorial donations with federal funds. Louisville State Recreation Area A more than $1.2 million …

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Great Spring


Calendar says it is the end of May.  Our Great Plains weather does not necessarily follow the calendar, but it is safe to say “spring” is coming to an end. It has been a great one! I may not necessarily blog about my adventures as often during the spring as I do at other times.  The reason for that is spring only lasts so long and I am busy trying to spend as much time as possible in the field.  …

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Quick News Item


This is not a big deal and I know it will not impact many.  On the other hand, I want to spread the word: Grove Trout Rearing Station to close temporarily for maintenance The Grove Trout Rearing Station near Royal in Antelope County will close to visitors May 28-30 for maintenance and inspection of the diversion pond. “While the maintenance takes place, staff will be using heavy equipment, and public safety is taken into consideration for this closure,” said Fish …

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Memorial Day, 2024


I will pretty much tell you May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  That is true every year, a variety of waters, for a variety of fish. For that reason, Memorial Day weekend is one when a lot of fish are caught.  Oh sure, some wet, stormy weather can put a damper on that, but you really should be fishing.  NOW!  Yes, the weekend will be busy, yes, there will be other folks …

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