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When I am in the office, which has not been much lately, at the bottom of the stairs is a mount of two Tom turkeys fighting.  I love that mount, love that I walk by it at least a couple times every day.  It reminds me of a story. . . . My sister married a guy from Pennsylvania.  Rick loves to hunt, still does, but at the time had been unsuccessful hunting turkeys in the spring.  Of course our …

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COVID-19 alters Panhandle turkey hunting scene

Merriam's Wild Turkey

This time of year, with Nebraska’s popular firearm turkey season getting underway, the Panhandle and its public lands are usually bustling with people from near and far in pursuit of a gobbler. This spring, though, people are being asked to keep their outdoor recreational pursuits close to home and there are not nearly as many hunters coming from out-of-state. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is taking the coronavirus crisis seriously, and is asking hunters to do so, too. Nebraska …

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Go Through Your Outdoor Gear

Those of us who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, boating and camping are spending an awful of time around the house, aren’t we? Nevertheless as you plan your next outdoor trip, this is an opportune time to go through your gear – cleaning, repairing, restoring and organizing various items that most likely were shelved, locked in a cabinet or safe or  neglected. You have the time to do this, trust me. I do. Keep in mind money can …

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Wild Game Cooking 101

Are you feeling stuck inside your house with not much to do? Do you have wild game meat in your freezer? Good. Time to get a little “wild” and cook some! With so many options for cooking cuts of wild game meat, it can sure be difficult for the inexperienced cook to know where to start, right? No matter what the scenario is, any professional chef or wild game processor will tell you there is nothing magical or mystical about …

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Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Goes Beyond the Hunt in These Times

As avid spring wild turkey hunters, we possess a major advantage over other outdoor enthusiasts: We know what it feels like to be completely isolated, and to be alone, most notably in a turkey hunting blind for hours. As Henry David Thoreau once said: “I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” For us hunters, we are used to sitting alone in different blinds quietly for long periods of time with our thoughts, waiting for a moment …

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Nature is the Respite for Coronavirus Concerns in Nebraska

Though we are in uncharted territory with COVID-19 regarding advisories and mandates, truly there is no better place to gain easy personal solitude or social distancing from the virus than in nature! All state park area grounds are open! They are not closed! They remain open to you for all sorts of outdoor pursuits – Sightseeing, picnicking, running, hiking, biking, camping, wildlife watching, fishing, mushroom hunting, etc. The Cowboy Trail is also open for use. Enjoying time in our state …

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Oak Valley WMA to host Beginning Turkey Hunting Field Day on April 4

LINCOLN, Neb. – Learn all aspects of turkey hunting at a Beginning Turkey Hunting Field Day on April 4 at the Oak Valley Wildlife Management Area maintenance shop in Madison County. This free instructional event will run from 8:30 a.m. to noon. It will include a hike, with discussion about gear, strategy, habitat and public access. There will be presentations on the Northeast Nebraska Beards and Spurs chapter, shotgun patterns and processing turkey in the field. To register, call 402-370-3374 …

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Fighting for Every Acre

The Joint Venture and the Rainwater Basin By Jeff Kurrus Late this fall, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Rainwater Basin (RWB) Joint Venture Coordinator Andy Bishop, who toured me through the Basin, meeting ranchers and landowners who have very intimate knowledge of this landscape and how they benefit from the wetlands, and how the wetlands benefit from them. I also had the chance to spend some time on the basins myself, shotgun in hand in search …

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Crossbow for Spring Wild Turkey Hunting

Nebraska’s popular archery spring wild turkey hunting season is just around the corner It opens on March 25. And, seemingly a growing number of hunters (like myself) have added another piece of legal archery equipment to their repertoire — the modern crossbow. The increasing popularity of crossbows for hunting and harvesting game is even showing up in Game and Parks surveys. Some folks will be quick to let you know that a crossbow or arbalest is a firearm. That is …

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Corn Your Own Wild Game or Beef for St. Paddy’s Day

*Blogger’s Note: Since I am receiving a lot of requests for corned meat recipes and because Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the bend, I am bringing back my blog about corning beef and wild game. I hope you find it informative and have the time to try one of these delicious recipes. I raise my glass to you and exclaim: “Sláinte!” (slawn-cha), which is an Irish Gaelic term meaning “health.” Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! GW. Saint Patrick’s Day is one …

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