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Barbs and Backlashes

Look Close

Spreading another news release around. . . . If you have a boat, any kind of boat, this is very important! Check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive aquatic hitchhikers as weather cools LINCOLN, Neb. –Nebraskans are urged to check boats, boat lifts and docks for invasive species when removing them from water bodies for the winter. Aquatic hitchhikers like zebra mussels can live up to two weeks out of water, and several lakes across the Midwest are first noticed …

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It is the end of October, Halloweeney is Sunday.  I guess that means it is time for all things scary.  Earlier this month I speculated about the reasons we like a good scare now and then, Scary Stuff. Since then, I have seen a few discussions of spooky experiences outdoorsfolks have experienced while out in the “wild”.  Might as well throw in my $0.02-worth. . . . I have spent a lot of time on the water after dark, quite …

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Inside Scoop


I am hoping many of you dismiss this blog post. First of all, this blog is pretty much going to be a link to another blog.  You can follow the link if you wish, or blow it off.  The choice is yours. Secondly, you will see the article is about fishing in Canada.  You can ignore that because obviously, it will not apply to the waters you fish in Nebraska. You might be even more inclined to dismiss it when …

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“Blinded Me with Science”, Catfish 2020


From time to time I like to blog about some deep, science-stuff.  I do not do it often, because I do not want to be boring.  On the other hand, I know many of you have at least a passing interest in fisheries science and the work done by pointy-headed, fisheries biologists. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific literature documenting everything related to fisheries science and the almost infinite number of fish species.  Unfortunately, there is so much it …

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A Little ‘Stitious?

Are you lucky?  Do you believe in “luck”? I have started many fishing seminars by stating that there is no such thing as “luck”.  Those anglers who seem to always catch fish are not “lucky”.  They know what they are doing. If you wish, “luck” has been defined as the residue of hard work, or where preparation meets opportunity.  I suppose those definitions of “luck” could apply to fishing. What about things that bring good luck?  Lucky charms?  What about …

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Fall Fishing


One of the challenges of blogging about the outdoors, about hunting and fishing, is every year the same seasons roll around.  The same topics are timely at the same times, year after year, after year.  I am a huge fan of fall fishing and fish open water harder in the fall than I do any other time.  I have blogged about that many times.  Going to again. The calendar says we are moving into late October, but let me tell …

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Update, Martin Bay

I know, I know, the news release has made the rounds and you might have seen this already.  I also know there are some of you still fishing and some of you need to know about this: Northbound traffic inside entrance to Lake Mac’s Martin Bay temporarily closed for project LINCOLN, Neb. – The road inside the Martin Bay entrance at Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area is closed temporarily to northbound traffic, to allow for the construction of an improved …

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Update, Fall Trout Stocking 2021

Phones are still ringing, this is still THE topic I am hearing about the most.  So, I am blogging about it again today.  Spreading the news. . . . Changes made to the fall trout stocking schedule LINCOLN, Neb. – A change has been made to the fall stocking schedule of rainbow trout by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The scheduled stocking of the Niobrara State Park Pond (750 fish) for the week of Oct. 11 has been delayed …

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Fishing State Park

Going to blog about a blog today.  The current issue of Nebraskaland magazine has an article by Justin Haag, Nebraska’s Fishing State Park?  Simply put, follow the link! Justin’s article is an excellent run down of the fishing opportunities on and near Ft. Robinson.  There are a bunch, and if you are spending any time at Ft. Rob, your fishing gear better be with you!  With recent Aquatic Habitat projects completed and ongoing, the fishing at Ft. Rob is better …

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Scary Stuff


It is October.  The end of the month is Halloween.  Folks like to celebrate all things spooky and scary for Halloween.  Isn’t that strange?  Why do we like a good fright now and then? Oh, it is the adrenaline rush, no doubt about it.  It makes us feel alive.  The unknown also heightens our senses, clears our head, makes us focus. I believe we have a connection and fascination with the rawness, even violence of the natural world.  Afterall, we …

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