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Julie Geiser is a Public Information Officer and NEBRASKAland Regional Editor based out of North Platte, where she was born and still happily resides. Geiser worked for the commission previously for over 10 years as an outdoor education instructor – teaching people of all ages about Nebraska’s outdoor offerings. She also coordinates the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program for Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC). Geiser went on to work in marketing and writing an outdoor column for the North Platte Telegraph before returning to NGPC in her current position. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and getting others involved in her passions of hunting, fishing, camping, boating, hiking and enjoying Nebraska’s great outdoors.

Great Plains Connections with Julie Geiser – Spring Pike Spawn

With spring comes the spawning season for many species of fish in Nebraska – it is also a busy time for the hatcheries in our state that hatch fish eggs and transplant them in our waterways. I have always been curious about how the biologists catch the fish and collect the milt and eggs and how the entire process works from start to finish. During the Northern pike spawn on Pelican lake at the Valentine refuge, I got to find …

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Great Plains Connections with Julie Geiser – More turkey talk

What a great day of turkey hunting – although I chose to leave my bow at home and just shoot with my camera, it was an awesome day in the blind. I almost like to shoot things with my camera just as much as I do with a bow, gun or what have you. I guess it doesn’t really matter – when you have hunted game for 30-plus years it’s a nice change to view wildlife through the lens of …

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Great Plains Connections with Julie Geiser – New crane cam at Buffalo Bill’s Ranch in North Platte

Thanks to Aric Riggins, Superintendent at Buffalo Bill’s Ranch and State Recreation Area in North Platte and some local North Platte businesses, anyone can view the migrating sandhill cranes from their computer, smart phone or other devices. With advances in video cameras and wireless internet that can stream live footage anyone can enjoy the beauty of the sandhill cranes and learn more about the behavior of this intriguing, long-legged bird. Buffalo Bill’s Ranch in North Platte now has a sandhill …

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Great Plains Connections with Julie Geiser – Get Outside

So tell me, when was the last time you got out of the house and went outside to play in the great outdoors? You know it really doesn’t matter how extravagant your outing is, the important part is that you got outside. Now getting outside can have different meanings for each of us; quiet time for you, getting the kids outside for an adventure, being with family and friends, getting some exercise or just to go out for the fun …

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Waiting for a mink

Well here I sit waiting for a mink. I so wanted to get some awesome pictures of this mink that was diving through open holes in the ice and swimming under the water and ice in search of a tasty meal. The mink came up through the open hole in the ice with a small bluegill. Believe me it was soooo cool to watch. The snow is coming down this morning and I am starting to get cold waiting to …

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Sandhill Swans

Today was a great day in the sandhills!! The day was windy and partly sunny but it made for a great day of viewing 14 trumpeter swans on a sandhills lake. I love the sandhills! There is so many cool places to see and take in. Anyone that can get away for a Sunday drive should consider a drive to the sandhills of Nebraska. These 14 swans were simply beautiful to watch, they are a massive bird. It was with …

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Ice at Swanson Reservoir – Julie Geiser

My drive to Swanson Reservoir today made for a great scenic day! It was a bit windy but despite the wind it was beautiful. The lake is open with ice only along the north edge of the lake. Come on walleye!! Anyway…for some reason I was totally infatuated by the ice that had gathered along the edge of the reservoir. The video and pictures I took do not do the scene justice. It literally looked like diamonds floating on top …

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Don’t forget our feathered friends

Had a request for this recipe…It is a good one for those of you that like feeding birds! Suet is an excellent source of energy and be purchased or made very inexpensively. This recipe was handed down to me from a North Platte native. It gives birds nutrition during the winter months and won’t freeze and become inedible when it gets cold; use 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup lard, 2 cups oats, 2 cups cornmeal, 1 cup flour, 1/3 …

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