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Conditions Generally Dry in Rainwater Basin

LINCOLN, Neb. – An aerial survey of the Rainwater Basin in south-central Nebraska on Sept. 5 revealed generally dry conditions, with the best water conditions located in southern Clay County. “Water conditions are slightly better than last year,” said Mark Vrtiska, waterfowl program manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “But there are still some portions that are very dry and will take a lot of rain to put water in them. Southern York and Fillmore counties are really …

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Spent an afternoon in the abyss of dense fog near the confluence of the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers yesterday in search of the mighty Canada goose. Decided not to put out any decoys or use the layout blinds because that fog was so thick. It was sure nice to have a lot of moisture in the air though and the fog was really cool along those river bottoms! Remember, whenever you have the opportunity to go outdoors safely, do it! …

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Goose Over Ice

Too many waterfowl hunters end their season once thick ice forms on the ponds.  Unfortunately this can happen way too early  in the season resulting in thousands of birds leaving the great state of  Nebraska without ever meeting a hunter.  Outrage!  Hunting birds over the ice is not impossible  and by utilizing a few well placed tricks, you can extend your waterfowl season, often by several months.  Generally in late December and January we see a late push of geese through …

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Sharing some more pics from Canada goose hunting this weekend in Nebraska’s East Dark Goose Unit, but this time in western Sarpy and Douglas Counties along the Elkhorn River. Quite an experience! There were a lot of Canada geese around the river! I was fortunate enough to shoot a quick pic of mallard ducks on the Elkhorn as well as bag a nice Canada goose pass shooting in a nearby field thanks to a landowner friend of mine. The sights …

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I hunt for many reasons … To clear my head … To relieve stress … To get spiritual … To understand and appreciate all things natural and wild in the state which I live – Nebraska … To fully use all of my senses … To experience a tremendous challenge … To bond with friends and family … To thoroughly enjoy sunrises and sunsets … To capture memorable images with my new camera to share with you (see below) … …

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