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Brook Trout Spawning


Almost every fish in Nebraska waters spawns at some time during the spring.  That can occur from early, early spring all the way through summer.  So, yes, I am stretching when I use the word “spring” to describe the timing of that reproductive activity. However, that wording is correct because they do not spawn in the fall. With two exceptions. . . . Brown trout and brook trout in Nebraska are fall spawners.  Yes, we do have populations of both …

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Upgrades improve experiences at northeast Nebraska state parks

Updated March 17, 2023 Guests at northeast Nebraska state park areas were treated to some improvements in 2022, with more set to be completed in 2023. The following is a roundup of those improvements and projects: Summit Lake State Recreation Area Summit Lake State Recreation Area near Tekamah saw aquatic habitat and angler access improvement projects completed to improve the fishery and guests’ experience. The west and south sediment basins were excavated to restore them to their original capacity and …

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25 Years, Aquatic Habitat Program


I mentioned over a month ago that this year was the 25th anniversary of our Aquatic Habitat Program.  I also mentioned at that time, that you would be hearing more about it.  Well, I have a video to share now: We have accomplished a lot in the past 25 years!  Without a doubt our fisheries, waters, anglers and all Nebraskans have benefitted! We are not done!  More work to do!

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This just dropped on our main Game & Parks Commission FaceBook page, might as well share it around: This year marks the 25th year of Nebraska’s Aquatic Habitat Program! The first of its kind in the nation in 1997, the program has since succeeded in: Generating more than $90 million for improvements to 137 water bodies. Enhancing aquatic ecosystems by implementing restoration techniques in-lake and in the watersheds that feed them. Improving accessibility to the water, through the installation of …

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Aquatic habitat and sediment maintenance project to begin at Wagon Train Reservoir

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will lower the water level at Wagon Train Reservoir 8 feet in preparation for the maintenance of the sediment basins later this fall. Visitors can expect the boat ramp and construction areas to be closed. The reservoir has experienced the degrading effects of sedimentation and the nutrients that come with it. That combination partially has been responsible for blue-green algae blooms in recent years. The project will reestablish the sediment dike …

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Trout in the Classroom application deadline is Aug. 31

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Applications are being accepted through Aug. 31 for Nebraska’s Trout in the Classroom program for the 2021-2022 school year. This program, sponsored by the Nebraska Environmental Trust and a Nebraska Trout Unlimited chapter, is for teachers interested in raising live fish in their classroom and using the tank in countless lesson plans and everyday activities. Teachers will receive training to get the program up and running. Scholarships are available. In this program, students learn about aquatic habitat, …

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What did the fish say when it ran into the concrete wall? Dam. I will let that sink in for a minute for some of you.  For the rest, let me talk about fish barriers.  You know, things like dams. There are thousands of barriers to fish movements on Nebraska rivers and streams.  Some of those barriers are natural, waterfalls or chutes.  Most are man-made and include a variety of major dams and smaller diversion structures.  Some are as small …

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It is been a while since I have ventured into hard-core science for one of my blog posts.  Time to do it again. You will notice the big word I used as the title of this post.  Unless you have had a limnology class or two, you may not have seen that word.  However, if you fish in Nebraska you need to know what it means and understand how it works. Let me explain. . . . All bodies of …

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Hopping and Squirming


Last week I wrote a blog about all of the high water and flooding we have seen in the state this year and the many impacts that will have on our aquatic resources and fish populations (Water, water everywhere).  I am not going to re-hash that blog here, you can read it if you want to know the many negative, and positive benefits we will realize from all the water we have had this year. No, in this blog post …

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