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Barbs and Backlashes

Some More Great Advice!


Found some more great advice on-line.  From guess whom?  Hank Patterson, who else? Now I know some of you will tune out ole Hank right away, because he is a fly fisherman, and you don’t fly fish.  Big mistake.  Hank’s advice applies to all of the fishing baits, lures, and flies that we buy, and we all do! So, listen.  And make sure you listen right up until the end! That just means you need more practice.  GO FISH! Oh, …

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Play Your Hunches


I am not done ice fishing, yet.  Oh sure, I know parts of Nebraska have open water now.  I also know that other parts of Nebraska still have plenty of ice.  As long as I can find ice, I am going to take advantage of it.  “Stay tuned”. But, yes, this is definitely “tweener” time, in many places the ice is too thin to walk on, but too thick to cast through.  What do I blog about at a time …

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Youth Fishing Instructor Certification, Spring 2023


News item for the blog today.  I want to spread the word on this: Game and Parks will certify youth fishing instructors across state The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will certify youth fishing instructors at workshops in five locations across the state in the coming months. Instructors are part of the Youth Fishing Program, a statewide team of volunteers and Game and Parks staff who host educational fishing events. Trainings will take place at: -The Mark, Elkhorn, March 19, …

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Sport Show, 2023


It is late February.  You know what that means?! Sport Show!  The Omaha International Boat, Sports and Travel Show. I can neither confirm nor deny that Greg Wagner and myself will be hanging around the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission booth over the weekend.  Stop by, see if we are there, look at my Nebraska fish pictures, listen to some stories, tell some yourself, buy your permits, ask your questions!

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If you have been hooked on the fly-fishing game, you might as well take the next step! Game and Parks to host fly-tying workshops in March Anglers can learn the basics of fly tying that will prepare them to catch trout and panfish this spring. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will host fly-tying workshops March 8 and 12 at the Nebraska Outdoor Education Center in Lincoln. Members of the Cornhusker Fly Fishers Club will teach these sessions, which will …

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Take ‘Em Fishing

You saw the title of this blog post.  It is a title that I have used more than once, but I have never used it in this way. . . . At the beginning of the classroom ice fishing clinic in Kearney a few weeks ago, we started by mentioning some of the reasons we love to ice fish.  I have a hard time talking about that without cracking up.  Yes, I suppose I am soft.  I have so many …

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Wind is Blowing

We live in Nebraska.  The wind blows.  If you spend any time at all fishing, you know the wind has a huge impact on fish location and activity.  But, what about underneath the ice?  With a cap of ice to protect from the elements, does wind affect fish behavior? That is a question that Nebraskaland editor Jeff Kurrus posed to me.  Jeff loves to hunt and fish and whenever we happen to be in the office at the same time …

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Annual Report, 2022


This blog post may not be my most exciting.  The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Annual Report for 2022 has been published, and I want to call attention to that.  You can see it here: Yes, it is a typical annual report.  No, it is not the most exciting reading.  However, I know that folks ask a lot of questions about the “nuts and bolts” of our agency.  That annual report will answer some of those questions. If you look …

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Spot Stealing


I have long known the lengths some will go to discover the spot where someone has been catching fish.  That is especially the case in this day of technology, the interwebs, and cell phones.  It reached a new level (high or low depending on how you look at it) this past week. I will neither confirm nor deny that I was somewhere in the state of Nebraska on the ice while this incident occurred.  I do know that some were …

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On the Ice, Mid-Winter 2023


Yep, I have still been on the ice, have been on it as much as possible.  I will give you a quick report of what I have been catching. . . . I have been out in different parts of the state a couple of times.  Spent a couple hours one evening on a spot, and managed one of these! Then of course, I could only catch one.  Walleyes through the ice can be frustrating.  I would tell you that …

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