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Large Milkweed Bugs

If you pay attention to milkweed plants during the summer, you’ll notice a wide variety of insect species feeding on the nectar produced by milkweed flowers. That nectar is sweet, nutritious and free of the toxic latex found throughout most of the rest of the plant. A much smaller group of insects can be found feeding on the leaves, stems or seeds of those milkweed plants, both dealing with and taking advantage of the toxicity. Those insects include monarch caterpillars, …

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Jan. 29 workshop for early childhood educators to focus on insects

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Early childhood educators interested in incorporating insects into a classroom or after-school program are invited to a free workshop Jan. 29 in Norfolk. Participants will receive a curriculum guide, information on hands-on supplemental activities and background knowledge on basic insect anatomy and life cycles. Educators will also learn how to catch and care for classroom touchable insects. The free event, hosted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Northern Prairies Land Trust, is scheduled for 6-9 …

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10 Tips for Insect Photography

Insects like this katydid nymph can be very satisfying to photograph – as long as they don’t fly, jump, or crawl away first.

Photos and story by Chris Helzer Have you ever wanted to take better photos of insects? Of course you have; insect photography tops every self-respecting outdoor enthusiast’s list of aspirations. It’s hard to hold your head high among your peers when they’re showing off spectacular photos of leafhoppers and damselflies and all you have is a blurry shot of something that might have been a bee. Worry no more, my friend. Here are 10 tips that will make you a better …

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The Real Nebraska Bugeater

Over UNL’s recent fall semester break, I accompanied my son Micah, a junior at the university, on a mission to collect certain insects for his entomology class on a friend’s natural area just north of Omaha. There was just one problem though, Micah forgot his insect collecting gear back at the Acacia House fraternity back in Lincoln where he resides, along with his officially-licensed Husker apparel that he wanted to wear on the insect hunt for this blog, BUMMER! So, …

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