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12 Tips For Archery Deer Hunting During the Rut

It’s a magical time of year, really. As daylight wanes, the temperature begins to drop, frost appears on the pumpkin, leaves turn color and start toppling to the ground, and experienced bowhunters know the deer rut or breeding period is beginning. Buck rubs on trees and scrapes on the ground are apparent. A buck rub on an eastern cedar tree in rural Sarpy County, NE. Photo by Greg Wagner/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Deer movement is picking up and the …

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Take Part in the New Bowhunter Survey

I am one of you. I am among the thousands of you who hunt deer and turkey with archery equipment. I want you to join me in voluntarily participating Nebraska’s new Bowhunter Survey. New bowhunter survey? Hmmm … Another survey … So why should you, an archery deer hunter, consider maintaining a diary and counting free-ranging, wild deer and turkeys for us at Game and Parks? The answer: Because, like me, I know you care deeply about wildlife. We spend …

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Go Bowfishing on Radio Show

Bowfishing and archery-related subjects take center stage on the Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show I host. My special guest will be Ray Schuette of Plattsmouth, NE. He is an accomplished archer and a mentor in the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Mentored Youth Archery Deer Hunting Program. Don’t miss an opportunity to chat with Ray! He is a seasoned veteran when it comes to fishing with archery equipment! Ray spends a lot of time in the field and on the …

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Ray Schuette on Great Outdoor Radio Show

It’s the prime time to take to the tree stand for an archery deer hunt here in Nebraska! Archery deer hunting expert Ray Schuette of Plattsmouth, NE pays a special visit to my Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show. Don’t miss an opportunity to chat with Ray! He is an accomplished bowhunter and is a mentor in the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Mentored Youth Archery Deer Hunting Program.    You’ll find Ray highly informative, friendly and engaging. The Great Outdoor Radio Show I …

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Go Time for Bowhunters on WOWT 6 Outdoors

 Quick blog post to let you know that I’ll be offering some important tidbits of information for you – the Nebraska archery deer season hunter – during the “magic window” for deer breeding season movement called “rut” on my outdoor TV segment this week. Photo below by Tanner Podraza. It’s a neat time of year where the bucks are rubbing trees to polish their antlers, marking their territory and leaving scent cues for other deer. Whether you enjoy hunting or not, don’t …

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Father, Son Bowhunting Duo on Radio

Bowhunters Ricky Krueger and his 13 year-old Son Gabe of Fremont, NE will be the special guests on The Great Outdoor Radio Show I host tomorrow morning. The Krueger duo will discuss their passion for archery deer hunting in Nebraska and offer advice for other parents and their youth who want to get involved in the bowhunting lifestyle! Both Ricky and Gabe have successfully completed Nebraska’s bowhunter education course. In fact, Ricky is a certified bowhunter education instructor in the …

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