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The Three-Legged Doe

3-legged doe

Last year I was hunting from my blind when the doe pictured above walked in front of me about 35 yards away. At first I didn’t see that she was missing a front right leg through the phragmites. After snapping a few photos and checking my settings I saw that she only had three legs. I impatiently waited to see if she would turn the other direction so I could see her other side. My curiosity was running rampant as …

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Pics of One Animal, Get Another

One of the results of spending a lot of time in the field is capturing interesting wildlife photos. Sometimes, while shooting photos of one species you capture another. Such was the case recently when I was shooting photos of white-tailed deer in Washington County, NE. Did you note what’s in the background? I didn’t see that coyote initially when I was snapping pics of the deer. It goes to show that surprises make time outdoors, time well spent! Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

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Nebraska Crane Festival Celebrates Stunning Spectacle

As the Audubon’s Nebraska Crane Festival celebrates 44 years in the Platte River valley this weekend, the Sandhill cranes will have commemorated a few more – at least 2.5 million more, that is. Fossil evidence suggests the Sandhill crane may be the oldest living bird species on the planet. On their ancient migratory pathway from wintering in southern U.S. and Mexico to their breeding grounds in Canada and Alaska, they converge along a small swath of braided channels on the Platte River each spring. This …

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Shooting Mallards at Grand Island’s Kuester Lake

I always tote my camera along wherever I’m going these days to capture glimpses of wildlife and so should you! This Thanksgiving holiday period I decided to bring my camera with me to our Thanksgiving family rendezvous with my in-laws who live on Kuester Lake located on the east side of Grand Island, NE. I was hoping to shoot some pics of waterfowl on the lake that I could share with you. I was fortunate. There were mallard ducks hanging around! Enjoy …

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