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What Scares You?


It is the end of October again; the season for all things spooky.  I guess.  Have blogged often about this curious desire we seem to have–the desire to have ourselves scared, spooked.  I am sure it is the adrenaline rush that we crave, whether we admit it or not.  It gives us a “high”.  It makes us alive. Without over-thinking, it is just plain fun. I find it curious the things that scare people.  Over the years I have made …

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Fly Fishing is a Joke


If you read my blog post earlier this week, you know that I just got back from a week fishing with family in Montana.  I love going to different waters, experiencing and learning different things.  In Montana we fished a couple of the most well-known fly-fishing waters in the world, and it truly is a different world.  It reminded me of this video I found a couple of years ago. . . . Warning:  Before you take the ten minutes …

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“The Eat”

The weather forecast for next week is cold.  Of course I will be all fired up to hit the ice as soon as it is safe, but I hate to see my fall fishing come to an end. I may never cast a spey rod on some western river trying to catch a steelhead, but there is a lot in this video that I can relate to. A lot that tells you why I hope I have a few weeks of …

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