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Big Fish How To

I have been blogging for a few years now and one thing I have learned about this internet stuff is that there are new readers linking in all the time.  I do not often repeat or reuse material, but with some of the current “buzz” about the catching of some really big fish from Nebraska waters ( http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2013/04/big-bass-quest/ , http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2013/04/nebraskies/ ), I thought I would dust off an old blog post and share some of my thoughts on catching big …

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I realize Nebraska does not spring to mind when anglers think of the top fishing destinations on the continent.  I realize even more that it does not rank high on the list of places to go catch the “king of North American freshwater sport fish”, the muskie. Maybe that is a big mistake????? Yep, now you are thinking that “homer” Daryl has really lost it–suggesting that Nebraska has good muskie fishing.  Well, Nebraska is home, and I will always tell …

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A Big Bass Quest

A little over a year ago a fishing buddy of mine began asking some questions about which public body of water in Nebraska would give him the best chance to catch the biggest largemouth bass of his life.  Knowing where he lived, I instantly had an answer for him. I teased you with this last Friday, and I realize by now some of you have already seen this, but for those of you who have not, you are going to …

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