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Ice Surfing


If you do not ice-fish, I pity you.  Really I do. Another cold front blew through last night, temperatures are back in the teens today and folks are grumbling about it.  Many times this week I have listened to people longing for spring, warmer weather, anxious to get a boat back in the water.  Looking at the calendar, it is mid-February.  I hate to tell you, but we live in Nebraska and there may be a lot of winter ahead …

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Olympic Sport


Last winter I blogged about the world ice-fishing championship held in Europe, USA! USA! .  I am not going to tell you that I am completely familiar with international fishing competitions, but I know that at least some of them are quite different from what we have here in the United States. Some international fishing competitions, like the ice-fishing championship held last winter, are match-fishing competitions where teams compete, and anglers fish as teams.  In a match fishing format, anglers may …

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If you are like me and my family, you are mesmerized by the Olympics.  Yep, we are at home watching the winter Olympics on TV pretty much every evening.  Sure, once every two years we take interest in sporting events that we know nothing about, nor care about, but the whole Olympic competition, whether it is summer or winter, is just riveting.  I love it.  When the winter Olympics roll around I am all for an event that celebrates snow …

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