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National Hunting and Fishing Day, 2016


Got to looking at the calendar and was reminded that tomorrow is “National Hunting and Fishing Day“.  I like to point that out each year, if I remember, because I believe Nebraska is the perfect state for combining hunting and fishing opportunities, especially in the fall.  I call it “combodacious” because we have such a diversity of fish and game and with long hunting seasons and perpetual fishing seasons the opportunities can overlap.  In times past Nebraska bragged about being …

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Let’s save Hunting

I really hope that is not something we have to say in the coming years but to tell you the truth…it is not looking good.  All hunters, anglers and shooting sports enthusiasts should be very concerned.  Things are about to change.  How they change depends on you! The Problem Each state continues to witness declining hunter and angler numbers, a trend that has been occurring for the past 30 years.  In 1992, peak hunting license sales Nationally peaked for hunters …

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Weekend Events, Sept. 25 2015

You probably are not going to see or hear anything about this, probably not going to be parades and news conferences like there should be, but tomorrow, September 26, 2015 is National Hunting and Fishing Day!  Governor Ricketts signed the proclamation! So. . . what does that mean?  This will give you a little bit of an idea. . . . Here is why it is worth a proclamation! You have probably heard me say that hunters, anglers and trappers …

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“Super Predators”

I was browsing the Omaha World Herald yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a full-color picture of an ice angler holding a nice northern pike.  What was really surprising about this was that this picture and the accompanying story were not in the outdoor section or even sports section of the newspaper.  They were on the back page of the front section!  Here is the story, Report details killing tendencies of nature’s most lethal predator. As you can imagine, …

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Hug an Angler

OK, this is a commercial about Colorado, I know it is hard for me too, but in spite of that, watch it, it is funny and it makes an excellent point! Now, let’s go beyond Colorado, and bring it home to Nebraska. There have been economic studies that have shown that hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation in Nebraska could be even bigger if we used some of our natural resources in a different way.  Yes, I am even suggesting that …

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The Roosevelt’s

Every now and then on my blog, I swerve into a little “class”, even on a Friday.  Today might be one of those days. I am not a huge history buff, but I have tried to take in The Roosevelts on public TV this week.  This is another series on American history done by Ken Burns.  He has done series on the Civil War, the Dust Bowl, Baseball, and our National Parks to name a few.  Ken Burns’ films bring …

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Happy Independence Day

Before I walk out the door for a long Independence Day “weekend” let me share some thoughts with you.  Actually, I have shared these same thoughts for the 4th of July holiday for the past several years.  So, forgive me for the “re-runs”, but holidays come around on an annual basis; they are meant to be annual commemorations of special days, special events, and I believe it is good to be reminded of that each year. We are truly blessed …

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