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Youth Fishing Instructor Newsletter, Holidays 2014

Yes, I am going to recycle some news for this blog post.  I fully realize that all of our Youth Fishing Instructors have seen this by now, and I know that some of the events mentioned have by now come and gone, but I think it is good to let others see this newsletter too.  It is good to let folks know what we have been doing and to tell them a little bit about the great folks that work …

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Summer/Fall 2014 Youth Fishing Newsletter

Here is what has been happening lately with our Youth Fishing Program. If you need to see a copy of the .pdf of that newsletter here it is, fall 2014 Newsletter . Now, I fully realize that I am recycling something that some of you may have seen already.  If you are one of our certified fishing instructors, you have already seen the newsletter.  Sorry, but one reason I like to post these newsletters in my blog is to again say “THANK …

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Youth Fishing Instructor Training

I try to brag up our youth fishing instructors because they are a tremendous asset to our fishing education programs!  For those of you who are NOT already one of our youth fishing instructors and are interested in becoming one, here is an opportunity: Become a Certified Youth Fishing Instructor in Columbus Area LINCOLN – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will certify youth fishing instructors Aug. 30 in Duncan, Neb. The free workshop will be held at the Boystown …

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Spring 2014 Youth Fishing Instructors Newsletter

If you are one of our Youth Fishing Instructor volunteers, you have already seen this.  But, I want to post it for others to see and maybe it will prompt a few more folks to become part of the program, Youth Fishing Program. If you want to see a “cleaner” version, here it is, spring 2014 Newsletter. If you are already a Nebraska Youth Fishing Instructor volunteer, again, Thank You!  I know I have said that before, but there are …

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2013 Youth Fishing Instructors Holiday Newsletter

If you want to see a cleaner version, if you want to follow any of the links in that newsletter, here is the .pdf, 2013 Youth Fishing Instructor Holiday Newsletter. Once again let me say a big THANK YOU to all of our volunteer fishing instructors.  You all are a big help and we would not be able to accomplish what we do without you!  Have a blessed holiday season!

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Youth Fishing Instructor Workshop

This has been mentioned before, but I want to bring it up one more time.  I have mentioned our volunteer youth fishing instructors and the great things they accomplish for us many times on my blog.  If you would be interested in becoming one of those instructors and pitching in to help, we could use you and here is a chance for some of your to take the certification workshop:

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