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Nebraska Outdoor U! Educates Participants on Outdoor Pursuits

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LINCOLN – A free, web-based platform focused on teaching users how to excel in hunting, camping, fishing and shooting sports has attracted more than 5,000 participants. Nebraska Outdoor U! introduces users to the essentials of various outdoor pursuits, and quickly involves them in hands-on activities. As users gain knowledge and experience, they progress through a series of levels, gaining points, badges, and free gear along the way. The aim of the program is to help users build new skills, learn …

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An Outdoor Challenge for 2015

Resolutions are popular this time of year, both in their making and breaking. I have a few annual resolutions myself: get organized and spend more time outdoors.  Ok…being as creative as I am about the placement and random storage of needed items, getting organized by the standard definition is a pipe dream.  But I do plan on increasing my time outside. And making it better, too, by measuring it differently this year.  I challenge you to do the same… How …

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