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Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  What mother does not like baby ducks? Oh, my grandmothers liked baby ducks as much as the next mother, but my grandmother’s also were pike fisherwomen.  They liked catching big, bad, baby duck-eating pike! Grandma Roth even got a Master Angler Award for that fish.  I have the award here on the book shelf in my office. Mom got in on the pike-catching too.  I am guessing this pike ate little baby ducks. I have posted …

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Adventure Report, Ten Yards, and . . . The Beast

It is approximately 24 miles from Valentine to Merritt Reservoir.  I have made that trip to go fishing many times.  I can remember as a kid it seemed closer to the 200-some miles I now have to drive to get from home to those holy waters.  I am not a patient boy when I am on my way fishing.  On one of those long drives from Valentine to Merritt I can remember asking my Uncle Ivan what he thought was …

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Fall Fishing Review

I love to hunt and trap in addition to fishing.  However, there is so little time and so much to do in Nebraska’s great outdoors, so it is natural that we develop our favorite activities.  If you have been reading my blog at all, you know mine is mostly fishing.  I love fish and fishing.  If I could design my fantasy calendar, it would be 3 months of spring turkey hunting, 3 months of fall fishing, and 6 months of …

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Turkey Down! Combodacious!

This may be my last report from the spring turkey “woods” for 2013.  It has been one of the best seasons ever for me; I have assisted/guided in the taking of several birds and then finally punched a tag for myself.  Once again this year, I traveled to the Ponderosa pine-covered canyons that break into the Niobrara River for my bird.  I have hunted turkeys this spring from the rolling farm land of southeast Nebraska to the rugged cedar tree-studded …

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