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A Hunter Walked Here


Let me share with you another one of my son’s adventures.  So far this spring, his adventures have been more notable than mine. . . . I once sat down in a lawn chair on a lake shore, looked down between my feet, and there laid a perfect arrowhead!  All the arrowheads I have found have been found “accidentally”, usually while fishing.  Oh sure, I have intentionally looked for arrowheads, but, never found any doing that.  “Skunked”. I proclaim no …

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Firearm Deer Season: Extending the Legacy, Enjoying the Experience and Making Memories

Nebraska’s most popular hunt, the 9-day firearm deer season (Nov. 16 through Nov. 24) is in full swing. This is one of the absolute best times of year to be outside with the deer rut happening. My lovely wife of more than 32 years, Polly Wagner, says that everything comes to a grinding halt in the Wagner family with the opening of deer season. It’s a wonderful event, though. For many of us in the hunting lifestyle, the firearm deer …

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Creating and Maintaining a Tradition of Hunting

Only those who have walked into the silent woods together in the predawn hours and waited motionless for white-tailed deer amid the woods in a stand or blind as the different hues of daylight unfolded truly understand. Only those who have watched a canine companion intently work with a grassy field for upland game birds with family members and friends truly understand. Traditions. They are a major part of us and our values. They help to shape who we are. And, …

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Our Deer Hunting Land: Thanks Granddad!

To those of us born and raised in Nebraska with longstanding family farming roots, the firearm deer hunting season represents a very special, unique tradition. Each season, I take the time to reflect what it must have been like for my great, great, great, great grandfather, James Murphy, a Union Army Veteran, as he saw a whitetail deer hidden in the prairie grass of the land he was about to claim in southeastern Nebraska after the war in the late …

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