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Duck Season

A few weeks ago I admitted my love for all things Looney Tunes (Cultured Like Cheese).  Is there anything funnier than watching Daffy Duck get his bill shot off? In honor of hunting seasons that have recently opened, a sure sign that it is fall: I am in full fishing mode once fall arrives.  Eventually, I will get to some hunting.  My son-in-law and daughter have been after some daffy ducks already! Hope you get in the field and on …

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Spring Silliness

Have a couple of thoughts to share with you for this weekend.  First of all, look at the calendar.  Yes, I know what today is. But, did you know that Yoda was a fisherman?  Obviously he was, he lived in a swamp. Here he can be seen handling a rod! Of course he was an excellent angler.  No, it was not because of some Jedi mind trick.  He simply fished with confidence! For you Star Wars “nerds”, I hear a …

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This past week has been the main rifle deer season in Nebraska.  If you are an outdoors-person, you would be living under a rock not to know that.  Social media has been full of photos, some of some really nice deer.  I have heard some good stories too. Seriously, it is good knowing that a lot of folks have been in the field making a lot of memories this past week! In the past I have commemorated the deer season …

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“Shoulda Been Here Yesterday”


One of the biggest tricks to being successful on the water or in the field is figuring out how to be in the right place at the right time.  I know a good stick who once said he would rather spend a couple hours on a good spot at the right time than all day at the wrong time. So what is the right time? Well, I know waiting to hear it in an “outdoor report” is the surest way …

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Deer Hunting News Conference


Yes, my blogging is usually about fish and fishing, but I love to hunt too.  I know my bow-hunting buddies have been enjoying the best week of archery deer hunting over the past week and our rifle deer season here in Nebraska opens tomorrow.  I also know in my wanderings over the past couple of weeks that there is more deer movement every day right now! I am sure there have been a few news conferences like this already, will …

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It’s a Classic

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Judging by some of the new shows on cable TV, folks have an interest in where they came from, their ancestry, what makes them, themselves.  For the weekend, let me give you a little glimpse into some of my blood, and have some fun with it. . . . I have mentioned before that there is some musical talent in my blood.  Let me prove that by sharing a photo one of my cousins shared with me:  Here is my …

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Ground Blind Discussions

It’s now the middle of May. Spring turkey season in Nebraska is entering its final weeks.  I have already spent a good number of hours in a ground blind – mostly with members of my family – and I hope to spend several more in the days to come.  For sheer excitement the portable blinds cannot compete with sitting at the base of a tree as a gobbler closes in, but they do give a person plenty of time to …

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