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GoPro Hunt

Preparation exceeds decoy set-ups and camouflage when filming your own hunts By Jake Jadlowski As a high school teacher, I routinely see all things bad about social media. There may be no quicker way to waste one’s time. But as an outdoorsman, social media provides a platform to keep track of what hunters and fishermen are doing all across the country. Hunting and fishing photos and videos dominate my Facebook and Instagram feeds and I’m probably guilty of spending just …

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Snow Birds

With snow in the forecast last night, and looking to escape the indoor office thing, I snuck in a quick bird hunt this morning.  This was the first halfway decent snow in my hunting area since I was sidetracked by the November rifle deer season.  And as most bird hunters know a new snow on a landscape where there wasn’t any before is a wonderful thing (First Snow). With a chill in the air and snow underfoot, Carrot, my diminutive …

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An Old Coot Trick

It happens just about every year.  The ducks that are around have been around for a while and they seem to have it all figured out.  They not only avoid your decoys, many disappear during shooting hours and those that stick around land on the wrong side of the pond. Some call it the October Lull.  But all of us wildfowlers grumble bad words as we watch our lonely dekes bobbing in the water. We try our best to derive …

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The Easter Weekend Turkey Report

Ok, first I have a confession. I was only able to spend Friday morning in the turkey woods. The holiday weekend took me out of the state to spend time with family.  However, my brother spent three straight days chasing gobblers this weekend in eastern Nebraska and reported identical experiences to my lone endeavor – we are smack dab in the middle of the peak breeding phase.  Now this may sound like a good thing, but it can be the …

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Turkey Hunting Lessons from Last Spring

It’s time to chase some gobblers. Nebraska’s season opened for archery hunting on it’s usual March 25 date, this past Tuesday.  My brother Gabe and I celebrated by taking the decoys out for a sit.  The birds are still in winter flocks where I hunt. This means either you are covered up in birds or you have plenty of time to think. So, as the cardinal sang I started reviewing my 2013 season and what it may have taught me …

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Waterfowling Nebraska Hits YouTube

There are few things as thrilling as the sound of air rushing through the cupped wings of a mallard flock or the sight of committed Canadas as they extend those big, black paddles.  These are the things that make waterfowlers leave a warm bed at ungodly hours and put in long hours of work prep.  Now’s the time the effort pays off… To help out a bit for those looking to take their pursuit to the next level the Nebraska …

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