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Making a Difference – Cleaning Your Closet

If you have been hunting for any amount of time you likely have a garage filled with gear and a closet choked with camouflage and blaze orange.  Chances are some of it doesn’t get used near as much as it should.  Perhaps you even have a significant other that reminds you of such on a regular basis, too. Each year hundreds of participants take part in the mentored hunts across Nebraska.  However, for many that are new to hunting a …

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Woman In Search of Long Underwear

New in Lincoln and a new job with the Nebraska Game and Parks has made me think about some new purchases.  Working in the Outdoor Education department one of the questions asked of me is do I have a good pair of Long Johns (aka Thermal underwear or long underwear) as I spent last Saturday outside at our Catching Fire Archery Event.  My answer of course was no.  I am the type that likes to spend most of the winter …

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