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Finally Got One!

Several times I have blogged about the tagging of flathead catfish at Branched Oak Reservoir; Flathead Tagging, Some Field Work, 71.6 on your radio dial–All Flatheads All the Time! And this year I blogged about some of the results of that work, Branched Oak Flatheads.  That research is really cool and I am thrilled to have been able to slip out of the office once in awhile to assist.  Simply put, the work being done on Branched Oak flathead catfish is some of the most …

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Branched Oak Flatheads!

I slipped out of the office one day last week and helped some of our field biologists do some flathead catfish collecting at Branched Oak Reservoir. Got your attention now? I have blogged about this fisheries project at Branched Oak before and am not going to repeat all of that again here.  What I would like to do in this blog post is share some of the things that have been learned about those big, beautiful flatties in Branched Oak. …

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