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The Time is Now to Get Permission to Hunt and Here’s How

Maybe it’s because I am a lifelong Nebraskan with deep farm roots and help my brother manage his farm. Maybe it’s because I am a person with an outgoing, assertive, talkative personality who thoroughly enjoys interacting with people. Maybe it’s because of what I do for living and my employer. Maybe it’s because I pride myself on being a legal hunter and an ethical one at that. Maybe it’s because I really work at it. Maybe it’s because I go …

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Major Changes to Getting Landowner Permits

Okay, here’s the scenario. Say you’re a deer hunter and you hunt on your mom’s land. Your mom owns 160 acres of farm land in southeast Nebraska. Therefore, she is what is called the “qualifying landowner,” a.k.a. the QLO of the property. She does not hunt, has never held a landowner deer hunting permit and does not purchase landowner deer permits herself. However, with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s (NGPC) new permit system, she must have an account established …

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A Plug for the CRP

I ALWAYS like to get a plug in for the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program when there is a sign up period happening for it. In fact, we are in the midst of one right now and it continues through June 14th! Let me tell you, in today’s world, there is no other conservation program that has done so much for habitat on such a broad scale for so many different wildlife species than the CRP. I know first hand as …

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