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Carp Week?

Every year about this time the Discovery Channel has their Shark Week.  If you are a pointy-headed fisheries biologist like me, you think that is pretty cool, especially when great white sharks are munching on seals (Ah, poor seal.)  Unfortunately, Nebraska has some really cool toothy predators, but alas no sharks.  To piggyback on the whole shark week thing some have thought it would be fun if we had “Carp Week” at the same time.  OK.  If we are going …

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Carp Tour 2014

Last Saturday was our annual Carp-O-Rama carnival at Pawnee Reservoir.  A lot of folks came out and I hope they had a great time with us and maybe learned a thing or three along the way.  The fishing was slow.  We had a significant rainfall event overnight before the event and I wonder if the carp fishing might have been better at the upper end of the reservoir where there was some water flowing in? Regardless, if you were not …

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Carp-O-Rama 2014

Next Saturday is the day!  Time for our annual Carp-O-Rama carnival at Pawnee Reservoir! We will have another major “Carp-O-Rama” event next month at Lake Maloney south of North Platte; stay tuned, I will post some reminders about that later. I always say that basically we just show up and have fun at these family fishing events and we hope folks come out and have fun with us!  Our Carp-O-Rama event at Pawnee Reservoir is one of the biggest examples …

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Willow Lake Renovation

Last week our fisheries personnel along with help from a bunch of other folks applied rotenone to Willow Lake (the Willow Lake in Brown County).  Willow Lake has been an excellent largemouth bass and panfish fishery over the years, but recently has been dominated by black bullheads and common carp.  Those species not only are less desirable to anglers, they also degrade water quality and habitat and are a detriment to all other fish species.  When that happens the quickest …

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Carp-O-Rama Report

I made it to both of our large “Carp-O-Rama” events this year; time to show you some pictures and tell some stories. We have had Carp-O-Rama at Pawnee Reservoir northwest of Lincoln for several years now.  It seems like it gets bigger every year. Boats too! This is a family event!  Grandma helps take the fish off the hook! And dad holds ’em for photos. There were some fish caught. And carefully carried up to the tents. Stan will clean …

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State Record Summary, 2012

One of my favorite things I get to do in my present position here at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission is keep track of our state record fish.  I will periodically give updates and show a few pictures here on my blog; at this time let me summarize the state record activity for 2012. We had 14 fish certified as state records in 2012.  We recognize state record fish in four categories, hook & line (or rod & reel), …

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