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Once Again, Fishing is Good for You!


I know I keep returning to certain topics over and over again in my blog.  Going to again today. It is a proven fact that fishing is good for you! This time I found an article about a mental health study done in Britain.  Wouldn’t you know it?  Fishing is good for your mental health! No kidding? Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself: Fishing Has Positive Mental Health Benefits I can tell you for a fact that my blood …

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Got Luck?


I have introduced many of the fishing seminars I have done with the question that titles this blog post.  “Got luck?” That is a rhetorical question that I answer by stating I do not believe in “luck”.  Sure there are random events that we cannot control.  If you spend any time in nature, on the water or in the woods and fields, you know that is very true. However, you know that angler you consider to be “lucky”, the guy …

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Moberly Award


Our Aquatic Habitat Program was recently recognized by the American Fisheries Society.  Follow the link and read all about it! NEBRASKA GAME & PARKS, DON GABELHOUSE, AND MARK PORATH RECEIVE STANLEY A. MOBERLY HABITAT CONSERVATION AWARD

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October At-Risk Species – Spooky Important Species

Halloween’s “scary” creatures of the night are not as spooky as they appear. By Olivia DaRugna, Wildlife Diversity Biologist With Halloween right around the corner, let’s highlight a few critters that get a bad rap in scary movies and TV specials. Bats Bats are often portrayed as spooky, flying creatures of the night in Halloween movies, yet globally, they provide important ecosystem services, such as pest consumption, plant pollination and seed dispersal. They use flight and echolocation to catch and …

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Wildwood Ramp Reopen


I know it is a Friday and I usually do not blog about news items like this.  However, I continue to get questions, got another one already this morning, so might as well spread the word. . . . I also know that this news is not going to affect a lot of you, but it looks like it is going to be a nice weekend and a few will want to take advantage of this. . . . Wildwood …

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The Sneaky Invasion of Non-native Cattails

Cattails are aggressively invading many of our state’s best aquatic habitats. Story and photos by Chris Helzer Most people reading this probably look at wetlands or lakes with dense accumulations of cattails without thinking twice. After all, cattails are native to Nebraska, and they’re a perfectly normal and healthy part of a wetland ecosystem. Right? I have bad news. An evil transformation has taken place right beneath our noses. Cattails are no longer benign wetland plants that accent the margins …

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Annual Fall Reminder

I know I have mentioned this in previous years about this time.  Good time for another reminder! Public urged to check boats, lifts, and docks for invasive species As recreation boating season winds down and waterfowl hunting season ramps up, Nebraskans are urged to check boats, boat lifts and docks for invasive species when removing them from the water. Waterfowl hunters are encouraged to take special care prior to launching their boats so as not to contribute to the spread …

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Brook Trout Spawning


Almost every fish in Nebraska waters spawns at some time during the spring.  That can occur from early, early spring all the way through summer.  So, yes, I am stretching when I use the word “spring” to describe the timing of that reproductive activity. However, that wording is correct because they do not spawn in the fall. With two exceptions. . . . Brown trout and brook trout in Nebraska are fall spawners.  Yes, we do have populations of both …

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Sandhill Wetlands

A month ago I blogged about the Wetlands of Nebraska.  Shared a video about the different types of wetlands in Nebraska and their importance.  That video was just in introduction to a series of videos going into more detail about the different types of wetlands. I want to return to that topic today and highlight one particular type of Nebraska wetland, sandhills wetlands.  Yep, there is another video.  This one longer and more detail, but you really need to take …

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Muskie Fisherman


Going to post a video for the Friday/weekend blog post this week.  Nope, the video has nothing to do with Nebraska.  It does have everything to do with fishing, the fishing lifestyle and fishing culture.  I liked it, take a few minutes and watch, you might like it too. . . . Now, it is the weekend.  Hope you get a chance to get out there and practice it!  If you get really good, and are a glutton for punishment, …

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