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Bald Eagle nest numbers take unexpected dip in 2013

Bald Eagle nest monitoring is an annual project of the Nongame Bird Program.  Fortunately, we are assisted by numerous partners and individuals such as the National Park Service-Missouri River National Recreational River, the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Bald Eagles bred in the state historically but were absent as a breeding species for at least a century, if not longer.   Not all that long ago, Bald Eagles were state and federally listed as …

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Christmas Bird Counts – A Tradition Like No Other

I, like many other dedicated birders, will be out in the elements this upcoming Saturday searching for birds as Christmas Bird Count (CBCs) season kick off.  CBCs are several things:  serious birding, volunteerism, a little bit of socializing, a dash of competition, citizen science and just getting outside during a season when it can be a little too easy to find excuses not to venture out.  CBCs were initiated in 1900 by Frank Chapman as an alternative to Christmas side …

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Update from the Water War Front

I have stated before that THE issue of this century for western states including Nebraska will be water–who gets to use it, and how much is left for fish & wildlife and outdoor recreation.  Once again let me post a little reminder that ran on the news last week, Farmers Voice Concerns at Water Limit Hearing in York.  Take a minute and watch the video, read through the article. Now if you took the time to read and listen, let …

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Got Another One!

Just a couple of weeks ago I told you about successfully completing my quest to catch a tagged flathead catfish from Branched Oak Reservoir (Finally Got One!).  Well, as the fall has progressed and waters have cooled, I have shifted my focus from warm-water species like flathead catfish to species that will continue to be more active, and easier to catch, in cooler water.  I have made several trips up to Lake Wanahoo the past few weeks and have consistently …

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Concerned About Conifers

Conifers are an important component in our Nebraska landscapes both natural and created. They are a major component of windbreaks and of landscape design for the purposes of screening unsightly views, the framing of desired views and general beautification. Wildlife, including birds and mammals, utilize conifers for food, nesting and shelter. A winter landscape scene in Nebraska featuring snow mantled conifers is a beautiful sight. Conifers are by simple definition, evergreen, cone bearing trees and shrubs with needle-like or scaly …

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Nebraska Champion Tree Program by Mike Groenewold

If you are bored on a cold, winter day and don’t mind burning some $3 a gallon gas, you might check out some unique, large trees growing in Nebraska. Many Nebraska Communities have extraordinary trees growing in their parks and public right-of-ways. Some are native species while others are long lived, successful introductions. A list of the largest of each species and their location is published by the Nebraska Forest Service within their Nebraska Champion and Heritage Tree Program. This …

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