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BB Gun Beginning

Henry Matulka of Gretna went on his first hunting trip when he was 5 years old. Without a driver’s license to operate a vehicle, or his own money to purchase gear, he was reliant upon someone taking him. That person was his dad, Tim. With BB gun in hand, Henry continued to accompany his dad on dove, waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting trips, waiting for the day he could pull the trigger on something besides his Red Ryder lever action. …

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Tree Stand Safety

Hunters in tree stand

As you hit the field this deer season, be sure to keep tree stand safety in mind. Every year hunters have accidents, some fatal, when hunting out of a tree stand. Before the season starts, here are some tips to consider: • Always check old tree stands for safety. Look at welds, nuts and bolts to make sure they are secure. • Check all tree stand straps and replace any that are weathered or frayed. • Always use a safety …

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Finding History in the Sandhills

Long ago on grassy hills, a hunter stalks a deer. Wearing skins of the same animal, he loads a thin-shafted spear onto a wooden spear thrower. Rising from cover, he whips the spear into a silent, shallow arch. The stone spear point strikes a mortal wound, but the still-mobile deer bounds away never to be found. Frustrated about the loss of good meat and his prized speckled brown point, the dejected hunter heads home, belly growling. Two thousand years later, …

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Hunters: Now, what are those reasons why you don’t want to fall turkey hunt?

It never ceases to amaze me that more avid hunters don’t buy a turkey permit in the fall. Hunters say a lot of things about why they don’t hunt North America’s and Nebraska’s largest upland game bird during autumn. They say there are too many other game birds and animals to hunt in the fall and they may not even see turkeys. They say the fall hunt for turkeys is merely an ambush and not as challenging as the spring …

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Hunters Helping The Hungry Needs Your Help

Dollars. Your dollars. That’s what’s urgently needed to keep the Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) program going and to greatly assist those in need of a good meal and valuable protein. Funds in HHH are extremely low right now. In fact, the total amount of tax-deductible cash donations received are even 34 percent below last year. Despite the fantastic response and increase in deer donations by hunters, the program continues to struggle with getting enough cash donations to cover the …

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Scott Frost On Hunting

Scott Frost has begun his second season as the head football coach at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but did you know that he really enjoys hunting (and fishing)? Here are two interviews that I did with the Husker gridiron head coach late last winter for my WOWT 6 Sports Outdoor Report at a charity hunt for Teammates about his enjoyment of hunting and his perspectives about Nebraska’s  outdoor scene. It is fun hanging out and hunting with Scott Frost. By …

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All They Need Is Access To Land

Everything is in place, isn’t it? Fully vetted, trained mentors/experienced bowhunters with transportation, check. Permission from parents or guardians for youth to participate, check. Young mentees who’ve successfully completed the Nebraska bowhunter education course and met the other requirements, check. The necessary equipment, check. Shooting proficiency on the target range, check. Wait, are we missing anything? Oh yeah, a place to go. Wait. What? A place to go. That is what is needed in the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s …

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Vintage Fishing


You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I found this old fishing video, no, I am not in it: #HauteBook team is gone fishing this weekend. Of course, we are taking #BusterKeaton with us. Just to have some fun adventure. Have a great weekend ! 😀 😀 Posted by Charlie World Fun on Sunday, May 21, 2017 Good humor has an element of truth to it. Looks like the rivers and streams flowed high back …

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Collecting Cool, Old-School Outdoor Things

My wife thinks I am a hoarder. I believe I am a collector of things. I tell my wife, Polly, that a collector finds value in one type of thing but the hoarder finds beauty, thus the reason for keeping everything. I don’t keep everything. Just the cool things of value, whether intrinsically or monetarily, that I find outdoors to be displayed. Look, everybody collects stuff, right? Some folks collect baseball cards and other sports memorabilia while still others collect …

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Lewis & Clark

Paradise in the North There aren’t many places you can pull your boat up on the bank at Lewis and Clark Lake. Water has eroded away hillsides ringing much of the lake, leaving cliffs that reveal colorful layers of Niobrara chalk and Carlisle shale, part of the geology of the area. Below those cliffs, more than 100 feet high in places, the shoreline is just too rocky. Still, boaters make the most of it, anchoring in the shadow of those …

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