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Joel Jorgensen

Joel Jorgensen is a Nebraska native and he has been interested in birds just about as long as he has been breathing. He has been NGPC’s Nongame Bird Program Manager for eight years and he works on a array of monitoring, research, regulatory and conservation issues. Nongame birds are the 400 or so species that are not hunted and include the Whooping Crane, Least Tern, Piping Plover, Bald Eagle, and Peregrine Falcon. When not working, he enjoys birding.

Salmonellosis suspected in eastern Nebraska – clean your bird feeders!

I received a report Monday morning of a few sick and dead Pine Siskins observed at up to three sites in eastern Nebraska.   Pine Siskins are small finches similar to American Goldfinches.   Siskins occur in flocks and will frequent bird feeders and this has been a particularly good winter for siskins in some parts of Nebraska.  Salmonellosis is a bacterial disease that is in the salmonella family and birds commonly contract the disease at bird feeders.  Pine Siskins tend …

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Eagle watching prime time

Even though they are increasingly numerous, people still like to watch Bald Eagles.  From a general standpoint we have now entered the best period for eagle watching in my view.  Yes, during the depths of winter there are the ol’ standard viewing locations such as Lake Ogallala/Lake McConaughy, the J-2 Hydro-electric plant near Lexington, and Gavin’s Point Dam.   Those sites are very good, don’t get me wrong.  However, we are now in February and with winter’s grip loosening over the …

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Nebraska BBS opportunities – 2013

As some may already know, the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is a long-term, volunteer-driven bird monitoring program conducted throughout North America. BBS data are used widely by wildlife agencies, researchers and in conservation planning. More information can be found here. Recently, I took over as the state BBS coordinator and perhaps my principal duty is identify individuals that may be able to fill vacant routes. Currently, there are four available routes in Nebraska, these are shown on the map below …

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