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Joel Jorgensen

Joel Jorgensen is a Nebraska native and he has been interested in birds just about as long as he has been breathing. He has been NGPC’s Nongame Bird Program Manager for eight years and he works on a array of monitoring, research, regulatory and conservation issues. Nongame birds are the 400 or so species that are not hunted and include the Whooping Crane, Least Tern, Piping Plover, Bald Eagle, and Peregrine Falcon. When not working, he enjoys birding.

Sad news from the Capitol

We just put out a press release regarding last night’s unfortunate events at the Capitol.   It is pasted, below. Storms Claim Capitol Peregrine Falcon Chicks LINCOLN – The severe weather that wreaked havoc across much of Nebraska on the evening and night of June 3 also appears to have claimed the two peregrine falcon chicks atop the Nebraska Capitol building. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission provides live streaming video of the nest box, and many falcon watchers awoke to …

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Stormy Sunday, soggy birds

Sunday evening’s rain was wonderful.  No terrible winds or hail, just a nice garden-variety thunderstorm.   Even so, if you happened to check in on the Peregrine Falcons during the rain you surely noticed that they did not enjoy it as much as some of us.   Even with the little roof, the breeze was sending drops right on them.   The eyases are now too big to brood – they no longer can take cover under the female’s body …

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What’s killing Cedar Waxwings?

I regularly receive calls from people that have observed dead birds. They are often seeking guidance or being good citizens by letting someone know.  More often than not, though, individuals have observed the outcome of a normal or natural death as birds die all the time, everyday.  However, it can be valuable to be made aware of a bird mortality if the cause of death is not obvious in case there is another report and a pattern begins to emerge.  …

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Capitol’s Peregrine Falcon chicks dominate the news

Dominate may be a tad strong, but the Lincoln Journal Star has a nice article by JoAnne Young about the Capitol’s Peregrine Falcon chicks featured prominently on their website today (27 May 2014).  In fact, it is running in their website’s top header this (Tuesday) evening.   The article can be found here. It is always a good day when (nongame) birds are in the news.

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Woodmen banding – updated

On this rainy morning, Lauren Dinan and I, along with our partners from Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery, trekked up to the Woodmen Tower to band Peregrine Falcon eyases in downtown Omaha.   The banding went off without a hitch and below are a few photos from event.  Also, here are links to stories from Omaha media. KETV Channel 7 WOWT Channel 6 KMTV Channel 3 Omaha World Herald Many thanks to Woodmen of the World and Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery.  Sorry …

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Hatching round-up

First, apologies I have not kept up on the Peregrine Falcon action and drama.  I was in western Nebraska, where the people are friendly and the internet service can sometimes be difficult to come by, the past several days.   Even though it is not necessary to tell you what has transpired at the Capitol, it is probably worthwhile to make note of it and take care of any loose ends. As Peregrine watchers know, the hatching at the Capitol was …

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Hatching update: the good and the bad

Two chicks or eyases have hatched, which is good news.  There is also bad news.  One eyas apparently hatched  (from what I have been told) but did not survive.  There are still two eggs.  We should know their fate within the next 24-48 hours.  Stay tuned and to go to the LIVE! streaming video click HERE.

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First fluffball – hatching has commenced

Updated 11:25 a.m. The female allowed brief views of what she is concealing and protecting this morning.   There is now (finally) at least one chick, or eyas.  The female was observed eating the shell of the egg that hatched, which is typical.  To go to the LIVE! webcam, click HERE.

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Kestrel hatching in progress

The American Kestrels here at the NGPC headquarters are busy welcoming fluffballs into the world on this hot and windy day.   Late this afternoon, two of the five eggs hatched.   The kestrels, which are small falcons, can be viewed HERE.  Click on the still shot and the LIVE! video feed should begin playing.   As I stated in an earlier post, Internet Explorer sometimes does not work.   I suggest using either Firefox or Chrome as your internet …

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