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Willow Lake Boat Ramp Work

OK, I know this news release has been out for a week now.  Sorry, I am just getting around to publicizing this.  In addition, I know this will not affect a lot of you, but again, some of you will want to know!

Willow Lake B.C. WMA boat ramp closed for redevelopment project

The access road and boat launch at Willow Lake B.C. Wildlife Management Area in Brown County will be closed starting April 17 until further notice because of an improvement project.

The current primitive, natural base boat ramp is being upgraded to an articulated concrete mat. These ACM ramps are well-suited for sandhill lakes, where poured concrete pads tend to shift and quickly deteriorate in the sandy substrate.

By redeveloping this boat ramp, users will be able to access the 380-acre Willow Lake more easily and without the need for specialized vehicles.

Along with the ACM boat ramp upgrade, a new dock will be installed. An Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant parking pad and sidewalk will lead to the dock. Rock riprap will be placed along both sides of the ramp and along shoreline to protect from erosion. Also, a restroom recently was upgraded. It will be made ADA-compliant when a parking pad and sidewalks are added.

Construction is expected to take three to four weeks, depending on weather conditions.

This project is made possible by a Sportfish Restoration Grant.

Questions can be directed to ngpc.boatingaccess@nebraska.gov.

Talk around the office today was that this project was not going to take long to complete!  Should be done soon!


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