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Go Explore summer camp spots still available

LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center still has openings for its five Lincoln-based summer camps that offer children the chance to explore the natural world and learn outdoor skills.

The Go Explore camps are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with extended drop off and pick up hours available. The Go Explore: Counselor Training Camp is open to ages 14 and up, while the Archery, Survival, Rifle, and Hunting camps are open to ages 8-13. Cost for each camp is $180.

Register through the event listing at calendar.outdoornebraska.gov.

Camp opportunities include:

  • Go Explore: Counselor Training, May 24-27. This camp provides specialty training for the summer camp crew, including how to instruct on target archery, bowfishing, slingshot, tomahawk, atlatl, hiking, photography, survival, knot tying, outdoor cooking, marksmanship, and more. Crew preparation also covers conservation knowledge, schedules, safety procedures and training, communication and crew responsibilities.
  • Go Explore: Archery, June 7-10. This exclusively archery-focused camp is designed for new, intermediate and advanced archers. Topics covered include range safety, equipment knowledge, scoring, intro to competition, stretching and exercises and practice time.
  • Go Explore: Survival, June 21-24. This camp prepares adventurers for the unexpected, focusing on essential skills needed for single-day outdoor trips, more extended hiking excursions, and/or travel emergencies. Topics covered include fire building, hunting skills, outdoor cooking, water resources, hiking, shelter building, essential supplies and first aid.
  • Go Explore: Rifle, July 12-15. Designed for multiple skill levels, campers will focus on safety, gain knowledge about the parts and function of firearms and ammunition, and practice their marksmanship. This camp is perfect for students interested in hunting, recreation or competition shooting.
  • Go Explore: Hunting, July 26-29. Students will learn the fundamentals of safe and successful hunting, including hunting techniques, archery skills, firearm handling and marksmanship, species identification, tree stand safety and conservation principles. Students will gain hands-on experience with modern bowhunting equipment and firearms in indoor ranges.

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