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2020 Photo Contest

Best of Show

BEST OF SHOW – Young Buck
Photo by Karen Kader, Omaha

With more than 2,500 entries, the 2020 Nebraskaland Magazine Photo Contest drew a record number of stunning images from Nebraska photographers in the categories of Wildlife, Flora, Scenic and Recreation.

This year’s Best of Show winner, “Young Buck” by Karen Kader of Omaha, was shot at Chalco Hills Recreation Area. She used Lightroom as her post-image software, adding shadow and accessing the program’s color sliders to accentuate the photo.

We thank everyone who participated and look forward to seeing more of your great photographs in next year’s contest.
Keep shooting.

Jeff Kurrus, Editor
Nebraskaland Magazine


FIRST PLACE – Baby Opossum
Photo by Eric Wellman, Lincoln
SECOND PLACE – Bluebird Landing
Photo by Don Brockmeier, Eustis
THIRD PLACE – Brave Together
Photo by Rebecca Johnson, Central City


FIRST PLACE – A Burst of Dandelion
Derrill Grabenstein, Lincoln
SECOND PLACE – Beauty Reflected
Photo by Roger Richters, Utica
THIRD PLACE – Blue False Indigo Bloom
Photo by Britton Bailey, Aurora


FIRST PLACE – Brace Yourself
Photo by Lindsey Keller, Lincoln
SECOND PLACE – Stone Creek Falls
Photo by Eric Wellman, Lincoln
THIRD PLACE – Comet NEOWISE Over Abandoned Farmhouse
Photo by Roger Richters


FIRST PLACE – Green Steel
Photo by Joel Jones, Lincoln
SECOND  PLACE – Paddlefishing in October
Photo by Nate Johnson, Lincoln
THIRD PLACE – Silhouette Stories
Photo by Tiara Brown, Omaha