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Phelps County man sentenced to jail time for deer violations

LINCOLN, Neb. – A 29-year-old Phelps County man was sentenced May 13 to jail time in Phelps County Court after being convicted of multiple deer hunting violations.

Nebraska conservation officers had investigated Arthur Underwood, Jr. for multiple hunting violations during the 2019 hunting seasons. Underwood pled guilty to 12 counts, including five counts each of over-bagging deer and violation of deer regulations, and one count each of attempted tampering with evidence and false reporting.

The sentence included jail time of 300 days for each charge of tampering and false reporting – to be served consecutively, 30 days for regulation violations and 90 days for the over-bagging of deer – to be served concurrently.

Penalties of $22,000 in liquidated damages and a three-year suspension/revocation of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges also were assessed, plus court costs and fees.

Other persons in Underwood’s hunting party also were cited and had paid fines: Easton Kalb (two counts of violating hunting regulations, $100 fine for each count, $500 liquidated damages and court costs); Halley Helleberg (unlawfully taking/possessing game, $500 fine, $2,000 liquidated damages and court costs); Tristin Wood (violation of hunting regulations, $100 and court costs); and Johnathon Wood (hunting deer without a permit, $150 and court costs).

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