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Ten-year-old Mitchell crowned champion of Director’s Cup

LINCOLN, Neb. – Ten-year-old Hayden Mitchell of Lincoln won the Fourth Annual Director’s Cup archery tournament Aug. 11 in a head-to-head final-arrow competition.

The Director’s Cup is a fun and challenging competition of archers of all skill levels and features a unique “Lake of the Woods” format. Targets are set in 5-yard increasing distances, and archers shoot three arrows at each target for a possible 600 points. Archers shoot 30 arrows in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. The winner of each division took a final shot in a shoot-off and the archer with the arrow closest to the center of the target was the winner.

Mitchell won the tournament at Lincoln’s Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center, the facility where he first took up archery 2½ years ago in an introductory Explore Archery class. He progressed into Junior Olympic Archery Development classes for compound bows. Within a year, Mitchell was competing in archery tournaments, as his hobby became a passion, and he eventually became a member of the facility’s Center Shot JOAD program.

Mitchell not only shoots in indoor target, outdoor target, and 3-D competitions, he is a staff shooter for Blue River Archery in Fairbury. He regularly travels to competitions in other states and will travel to South Dakota this fall for the Outdoor National Target Championships.

There were 43 registered archers ranging in age from 7 to 72 years. Nineteen archers were in collegiate, adult, and championship divisions and 24 in youth divisions. Fifteen archers were female and 28 male.

Division Results (top 3)

Adult – 1. Robert Gregg, Doniphan, 553 points

Adult Bowhunter Freestyle – 1. Jon Tompkins, Wellsville, Kansas, 542; 2. Chad Morgan, Lincoln, 521; 3. Kelly Slama, Lincoln, 500

Adult Traditional – 1. Chauncey Wilkins, Blair, 398

Championship – 1. Matt Carmin, Doniphan, 558; 2. Bill Lewis, Omaha, 546; 3. Bretsch Spenser, Earlham, Iowa, 530

Collegiate – 1. Shania Hansen, Norfolk, 496; 2. Reed Lawrence, Lincoln, 476

Cub Compound – 1. Hayden Mitchell, Lincoln, 572; 2. Makenzie Carmin, Doniphan, 492; 3. Hudson Mitchell, Lincoln, 313

Cub Recurve – 1. Vanessa Peterson, Lincoln, 451; 2. David Snyder, Lincoln, 241

NASP – 1. Zoe Hoffmeyer, Lincoln, 412; 2. Laynee Price, Lincoln, 305; 3. Gabriel Bellmyer, Denton, 252

Young Adult – 1. Riley Peterson, Lincoln, 546; 2. Bo Behlen, Columbus, 465; 3. Hannah Cochran, Papillion, 457

Young Compound – 1. Josiah Stonehocker, Arlington, 483; 2. Kalainey Nickel, Lincoln, 218; 3. Ben Wagoner, Bellevue, 31

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