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Enjoy friendly competition at Steel Plate Challenge Aug. 10

LINCOLN, Neb. – For a fun competition set in a family-friendly atmosphere, test your shooting skills at Platte River State Park’s Steel Plate Challenge on Aug. 10.

The Steel Plate Challenge is a great way to get started in competitive shooting or improve shooting skills. The rules are simple: when the buzzer sounds, participants will rapidly engage targets made from armor plate at relatively close distances, shooting each target at least once as rapidly as possible.

The competition is part of National Shooting Sports Month, which celebrates a pastime that provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Target shooting is fun, safe, and offers activities that men, women and youth of all ages and sizes can enjoy both recreationally and competitively.

The Steel Plate Challenge is open to ages 12 and up, and costs $15 per person. It will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. Pre-registration is required, and firearms and ammunition will be provided. Register at outdoornebraska.org/OHEC.

Platte River State Park is located near Louisville in Cass County. A park permit is required of every vehicle entering the park.

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