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Frog Held Hostage!

I have some roots in North Platte, graduated from high school there.  This headline from the ole hometown newspaper caught my eye:

Driver hit with Taser after threatening deputy, holding frog hostage

Obviously, there is some funny stuff going on back in Flat Rock–holding frogs hostage!  What is this world coming to?  Here’s the whole story as reported in the North Platte Telegraph:

A man rolled his car, then held an amphibious bystander hostage during an altercation with a deputy early Wednesday, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The man was placed in emergency protective custody.

According to the Sheriff’s Office:

Just after 1 a.m. Wednesday, a driver was involved in a single-car rollover south of Hershey. The driver got a ride from the scene and contacted deputies while on his way to North Platte.

A deputy pulled over the vehicle near the intersection of Leota and Jeffers streets. The driver involved in the crash was the passenger in that vehicle. He got out of the car and yelled at the officer. The man picked up a frog and offered it to the deputy. But then he changed his mind, pulled it back and shouted that he was holding the animal hostage. He also yelled threats at the deputy.

Still carrying the frog, the man threw paper and trash at a North Platte police officer arrived to assist the deputy. After the man failed to comply with directions, the deputy stunned him with a Taser.

The frog was freed and the man was taken to Great Plains Health.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, drugs and possibly alcohol are suspected to have been factors in the incident.

I am sure the incident was just a big misunderstanding:  A guy goes shining frogs after dark, gets tired, has a little accident, calls a friend for a ride, gets pulled over, and then freezes in the spotlight of a Sheriff’s cruiser.  Naturally, he would assume that someone was after his night’s take of bullfrogs, and then he ends up getting tased while trying to protect them!  Talk about injustice!  Unfortunately, the law enforcement officers likely had never been froggin’ before.

Or, wait a minute, maybe they had?  I need more information!  How big was the frog?  Did he have fat legs?  (The frog, not the Sheriff’s Deputy)

Drugs and alcohol were involved?

Thankfully, frog lives matter!

Not an actual photo of the alleged frog.


I was all ready to post this blog today when I saw a news flash!  There is more to the story!  Here is the next headline:

Man held on $1 million bail after allegedly taking frog and man hostage, making terroristic threats

You can read that story HERE; I will tell you it involved some high-speed, trick driving, kidnapping, and the Russians!  (Duh, of course it involves the Russians!).

Man, some guys really like their frog legs!

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