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Never Know What You Are Going To See!

I have blogged many times about interesting experiences and sights seen while in the field and on the water.  Yes, it is about catching fish and successful hunts, but it is SO MUCH MORE than that.  Those experiences and sights are the spice, the gravy, that make the memories so much more full, complete.

Some times those experiences and sights border on the bizarre–boats at full speed whacking buoys, Nimrods filling waders and then lying on their backs with legs in the air to drain the water, deer swimming in the middle of 5,000-acre reservoirs.  Had another one of those bordering on bizarre on a cold day on the water this fall.  At least I thought it was cold, others thought it was a good time to show up at the water’s edge for a photo op.


Look close at the photo, look past the wedding party.  On the other side of the beach are a couple of guys in a bass boat.  If you look close you can kind of see the look on their faces.

That bride was stunning.

If those guys in the bass boat would have taken a photo back towards me, here is what it would have looked like:


You better believe I was fishing so hard trying to hook up while the wedding party and photographer were present.  Talk about a photo op!

Or maybe a photo bomb?

However, I am telling you, if I gotta start dressing up to go fishing, I ain’t doing it.  Chest waders do not come in formal black, nor that snappy tan, groomsmen color.

Hunting seasons are open, we still have open-water, it is the weekend, hit the field, get on the water, have a great weekend, and you never know what you might see!

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Daryl is a lifelong resident of Nebraska (except for a couple of years spent going to graduate school in South Dakota). He has been employed as a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 25 years, and his current tour of duty is as the fisheries outreach program manager. Daryl loves to share his educational knowledge and is an avid multi-species angler. He holds more than 120 Nebraska Master Angler Awards for 14 different species and holds more than 30 In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards for eight different species. He loves to talk fishing and answer questions about fishing in Nebraska, be sure to check out his blog at outdoornebraska.org.

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