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Name-the-chick contest underway – submit your entry here

With this year’s banding successfully completed, it is time to commence the “name-the-chick” contest.  Once again, we look forward to a spirited contest with numerous imaginative entries.  Last year’s winning entry was Orozco, which honored fallen Omaha Police officer Kerrie Orozco.  Other previous winning names can be viewed here.  Rules and important information are as follows:

  • There is one MALE Peregrine Falcon chick.
  • The period to submit names is from 7 June to 11:59 p.m. on 16 June.
  • From all the entries, finalists will be selected and the public will be allowed to vote on their favorite.  Voting for finalists will end 26 June and the ultimate winner(s) will be announced on 27 or 28 June.
  • Be sure to fully complete the form below.  Please provide a valid email address because we need to be able to contact you if your entry is selected as a finalist.  Also, be certain to provide the reason or justification why your suggestion is best.  This information is very important during the selection of the finalists.
  • The winner(s) will receive a modest prize package and bragging rights.

I’ve provided the photo below to inspire you to come up with the perfect name for the 2016 offspring.

Banding 6

Now that you know all of that and have been inspired, it is time to submit your winning entry in the form, below.

*****  The submission portion of the name-the-chick contest has closed ******

Good luck!

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