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Several State Park Areas to Receive Recycled-Tire Picnic Tables

LINCOLN – Several Nebraska state park areas will receive picnic tables made of recycled tires, thanks in part to a grant.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has received a grant from the Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grants Program administered by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality for the purchase of 155 picnic tables made from 25 percent recycled tire material.

“The purpose of the grant is to provide park areas with picnic tables that use scrap tire product to replace aging and worn tables and to increase inventory for areas that do not have enough picnic tables,” said Jim Swenson, administrator of the Parks Division. “These picnic tables will be used at pavilions and picnic shelters and will be a welcome amenity for our guests.”

Nebraska Game and Parks will purchase the tables from Champlin Tire Recycling of Concordia, Kan., and the grant award will reimburse 25 percent of the cost.  The tables are made with recycled tires and are durable, maintenance-free and have an expected life of 40-45 years.  

“Tires are a problematic source of waste, due to the large volume produced, their durability, and the fact they contain many components that can be ecologically harmful,” Swenson said. “By using Nebraska recycled tire picnic tables, we will be creating a market for recycled tires,” he said. “Recycling tires reduces spending on landfills and prevents the additional energy use needed to produce more materials.

“We appreciate the grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and plan on continuing to update our picnic shelters and pavilions with recycled tire tables in the coming years.”

The picnic tables will be received by the Commission in May. They will be distributed to the following state park areas:

Bowring Ranch State Historical Park (SHP), Calamus Reservoir State Recreation Area (SRA), Chadron State Park (SP), Enders Reservoir SRA, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, Fort Kearny SHP, Indian Cave SP, Keller Park SRA, Lake Minatare SRA, Lewis and Clark SRA, Louisville SRA, Medicine Creek Reservoir SRA, Platte River SP, Red Willow Reservoir SRA, Sandy Channel SRA, Sherman Reservoir SRA, Two Rivers SRA, Union Pacific SRA, and Wildcat Hills SRA.


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