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Another Huge Muskie

Big fish fascinate me, especially big, bad, top-of-the-food-chain, apex predator fish!  So, I hope you do not mind my sharing news about another one that was caught in another state again this past week.  A couple weeks ago I blogged about a big muskie caught from Mille Lacs in Minnesota, on a fly rod,  World Records!

Well, if you thought that was a big fish. . . ain’t nothing.  Check out this one caught from the same water!

Photo by Dominic Hoyos as appeared in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Here is the story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:  Mille Lacs Produces Second Monster Muskie in 17 Days.

Here is more on the story in TV format if you prefer, Stillwater Man Catches 55-inch, Roughly 60-Pound Musky.

The girth on that fish was unbelievable.  I have seen “fat” muskies before, but that fish takes it to a whole ‘nother level.  The weight of the fish was only estimated based upon length and girth measurements, but there is little doubt that fish would have shattered the Minnesota rod & reel state record for muskies and it would have been in the realm of world record size.

No records will be claimed, because in true muskie angler fashion, the fish was immediately released!  Congratulations!!!!!

You know I love fall fishing–go fishing the day before Thanksgiving?  You bet, and look what they caught!

Again, I will admit to you that this has nothing to do with Nebraska, but it does have everything to do with fishing!  We have muskies in Nebraska too.  We may not have caught any as large as that, but my head spins with the possibilities!  What awesome fish!  There is nothing like encountering a big muskie, and if you get one on the end of your line, and then if you put that fish in the net, “awe” is literally the word I would use to describe my feelings every time I have had that privilege.  Often I have stood there speechless, mouth and eyes wide open.

Knowing that there are fish like that out there, in some cases in the waters I fish, makes the world, especially the water, that much more intriguing, wild, and captivating.  I cannot get enough of it.

I love fishing.  You put that line in the water and you don’t know what’s on the other end.  Your imagination is under there.–Robert Altman, film director (1925-2006)

Photo by Dominic Hoyos as appeared in Minneapolis Star Tribune

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