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Falcon name to be announced Friday at Capitol

After a great deal of anticipation and a little bit of a delay, I’m thrilled to broadcast we will be announcing the winning entry and introducing the winners of the Peregrine Falcon “name-the-chick” contest at a public event at the Capitol on Friday afternoon.   Specifically, we will be gathering for a brief ceremony on the north steps of the Capitol at 1 p.m.  In case of rain, we will move to the 14th floor rotunda.Peregrine Chick 2015

The young bird has fledged, appears to be thriving and is exploring his world.

The fledged Peregrine Falcon on the Capitol. Photo credit: Jeanne Hibbert.
The fledged Peregrine Falcon on the Capitol on 20 June 2015. Photo credit: Jeanne Hibbert.

It was a great “name-the-chick” contest and this will be a wonderful event.

Photo credit: Jeanne Hibbert.
Photo credit: Jeanne Hibbert.

Please join us for the announcement and festivities.

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