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The battle for Omaha

In late February, the news that the long-time resident male Peregrine Falcon at the Capitol was spotted at the nestbox up at the Woodmen Building in downtown Omaha was shared on this blog.  In an expanded article in the Lincoln Journal Star, I noted that Peregrine Falcons will battle over breeding territories, even to the death.  We often do not see the battles, but if you needed evidence they occur, check out this YouTube video captured by Carolyn Evans from the Woodmen Falconcam on 7 March.

After capturing several still shots where bands can be seen and magnifying them on my computer, it appears to me that one bird is Mintaka and the other is 19/K.  Mintaka is the current residing male at the Woodmen and is, ironically, 19/K’s offspring.  I am not sure if this turf war was settled, but you can see the battle for Omaha is a serious affair.

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