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Your Archery Revolution Begins December 6th

From the moment I witnessed Katniss Everdeen fling that first arrow, I knew we were on to something special.  Archery is cool, and Katniss has made it cooler to millions of young boys and girls who now want to possess the same skills she has.  The good news?  Thanks to  facilities like the Nebraska Outdoor Education Center, now they can!

Join us December 6th from 10am – 4pm for Archery on Fire, a free family day of outdoor skills fun.  Fling arrows on Nebraska’s largest indoor archery range at bullseye and 3D animal targets.  Shoot President Snow’s battle ships out of the sky on the aerial archery range.    Come shoot 22 rimfire rifles on the firearm range, throw hatchets on the tomahawk range and enjoy outdoor cooking (smores) and crafts for younger tributes.  Did I mention FREE  FOOD thanks to Lincoln Scheels?   All equipment for the activities will be provided free!

All the fun will be hosted at the new Nebraska Outdoor Education Center located at 44th and Superior (4703 N 44th St).  Drawings will be held for 1/2 price lifetime youth hunting permits, a free annual pass to the new Outdoor Education Center and more.  Food will be available from 1130 am -1pm.

Your archery revolution has begun!  Come join us on December 6th to be a part of this exciting effort and learn the skills that have made Katniss a star on the big screen.

Did I mention free food?


About jeff rawlinson

Jeff is the Education Manager in the Communications Division with Game and Parks where he has worked for the last 15 years. He oversees the Hunter Education, Boater Education, Hunter Outreach and Shooting Range Development for the Commission and is a devout hunter, angler, wildlife viewer, naturalist, father and husband. He holds a BS and MS from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has been a Hunter Education Instructor for over 20 years, NRA firearms instructor and range officer, National Archery in the Schools Program Archery Instructor Specialist and member of the National NASP Board, sits on the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Hunter Recruitment and Retention Committee and Education Committee. Jeff is an avid handgun hunter, loves to chase turkeys in the spring, squirrel hunting enthusiast and philosopher of the outdoors. He is an avid shooter and loves to spend outdoor time with family and friends. He has a passion for exciting others about the outdoors. A history buff, Jeff is a strong supporter of our North American Model of Conservation and tries to spread the message of its importance and relevance every chance he gets.

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