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The (other) falcons have eggs, too

Yes, the Peregrine Falcons have five eggs.  While you are enjoying the Peregrine Falcons, remember there is another “falconcam”.  We also have a camera peering into an American Kestrel nestbox here at the NGPC headquarter’s building  (see the location on this old post).  The small falcons have also laid five eggs .

Kestrel on eggs
The female American Kestrel on her eggs, 8 April 2014.
American Kestrel male
The male American Kestrel incubating five eggs on 14 April 2014.
The Kestrels' three eggs
The American Kestrel pair’s three eggs on 8 April 2014. Expect a couple more eggs to join the clutch.

Check out this LIVE! streaming video by clicking HERE.  Once there, click the still shot and the streaming video should start.  Internet Explorer does not work on this platform for some people, so you may have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to get the streaming video.  Enjoy!

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