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Turpin’ Time: Homemade Bucket Warmer

Dick Turpin, legendary turkey hunter / call maker (www.turpincalls.com) and how-to humorist describes how to keep your seat comfortable during the cold:

Some days, even when the sun is shining, an unheated waterfowl blind can feel as cold as the dark side of the moon. And when a camp stool begins to crackle under your backside like a bag of crushed ice, the pleasure of a day’s ice fishing can disappear as quickly as the last cup of tepid coffee from your thermos.

With that in mind, here is how to make a cheap, reliable, candle-powered hot seat that will double as a gear carrier:

Begin with a five-gallon plastic bucket. Remove the wire handle (it won’t clear the padded seat you’re going to add) and replace it with a length of rope or nylon webbing so you can carry the bucket over your shoulder. Knot the strap through a washer inside the bucket to keep the knot from pulling through. Drill a row of quarter-inch holes around the bottom and a few more near the top for air circulation.

For a candle holder, cut a scrap of three-quarter-inch plywood and round the ends so it fits securely in the bucket. Bevel the edges so you can pick it up easily, and drill holes for two candles. Don’t use candles longer than four inches. A small kerosene lantern also can be used.

To make the seat, cut a circle of three-quarter-inch plywood a little larger than the bucket opening. Add wooden stays to the underside to keep the seat in place. Drill holes to let heat through, then pad the seat and staple on a cloth cover.

If you wish, camouflage the bucket with paint or camo material. A bungee cord over the top will keep the lid on as you carry it.

Illustration by Tim Reigert/NEBRASKAland Magazine

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