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Waterfowling Nebraska Hits YouTube

Ralph Wall working his magic in the field with Jeff Rawlinson.
Ralph Wall working his magic in the field with Jeff Rawlinson.

There are few things as thrilling as the sound of air rushing through the cupped wings of a mallard flock or the sight of committed Canadas as they extend those big, black paddles.  These are the things that make waterfowlers leave a warm bed at ungodly hours and put in long hours of work prep.  Now’s the time the effort pays off…

To help out a bit for those looking to take their pursuit to the next level the Nebraska Game and Parks has rolled out 6 new waterfowl hunting-how-to videos on YouTube under the title Waterfowling Nebraska.  Each video showcases one aspect of chasing ducks & geese that will help make your hunts more fun and successful.  Take a peek and then get outdoors and put them to use – the migration is on.


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Aaron "hershy" Hershberger is an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He loves being outdoors. When not outdoors he is day-dreaming about being outdoors and/or whining that he is not outdoors. Hershy has been a Hunter Education Instructor, in two states, for nearly three decades & a Bowhunter Education Instructor for over 20 years.

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